4 Ways To Get Your Kids Exercising

Exercise for Kids

Get your kids involved with your own exercise routine to build good habits

As an adult, it’s easy to get all wrapped up in what you must do to maintain proper health and fitness and not pay as much attention to what your kids are doing on a daily basis to do the same.

Kids right now are facing an epidemic of obesity as more and more are becoming sedentary and simply taking in far more calories than they burn off.

This is setting them up for a lifetime of weight problems, health concerns, and possibly frustration as they are faced with judgment from peers and others.

While you shouldn’t force your kids to exercise, there are things that you can do to help encourage active kids so they are being set up for a bright and happy future.

Let’s go over how to instill healthy activity habits in your kids.

Invite Them To Join You

The first thing you’ll want to do be doing is inviting them to join you as often as possible when you exercise. This does two things.

First, it helps you role model good active behavior.  Kids who see their parents exercising are more likely to do so themselves.

Next, it’ll also help them discover activities they may enjoy well into the future.

While your 8 year old may not be able to hit the free weights with you, they can likely ride the bike at the gym provided they have your supervision.

Or, you might check and see if your gym runs any child fitness classes that they could join in on.

Gym based activities are often far different than what they’ll be doing in their physical education program at school, so it adds great variety to their activity schedule.

Encourage Them To Participate In Activities They Enjoy

Second, you’ll also want to encourage them to participate in activities they enjoy.

As a parent, you may have chosen to get them involved in sports that you want them to do without even really consulting them all that much on what they want to do.

Make sure that you check in with them. Ask them what they most want to participate in and then try and make that happen.

When your children enjoy the activities they do, they’re more likely to give a full effort and that is more likely to help them excel.

And, the more they excel, the more they’ll want to keep doing that sport.

Exercise with Kids

Being good role models is half way to building good habits in your kids

It’s a self-fulfilling cycle so all you need to do is get it started by helping them see what activities they enjoy most.

Provide Positive Feedback

When your kids do participate and get active, be sure to provide them with plenty of positive feedback.

Comment on their performance, not outcome, at all times. For instance, if your child is involved in team sports and his or her team doesn’t win, focus on the good that came out of participation.

This will help them form a healthier, more positive relationship with physical activity and ensure they are always excited to go back for more.

Make Active Options Available

Finally, make sure there are plenty of active options available.

This may mean being free to drive your child to sports practice or to a friends house where they can get active together, going for a bike ride or otherwise.

If your kids don’t have the resources available to get active, the chances are much higher they’ll just turn to the computer or television instead.

So keep these points in mind and be sure that you are considering them as you strive to parent healthy kids.

With the right approach, you can have a significant influence over them.