Time To Hit The Weights To Burn Fat?

Strength Training

Sticking with compound exercises will help increase fat loss

Looking to burn fat? If so, you might be tempted to hit your local gym and start up doing hours of cardio each week.

Do not do this.

If you want to lose fat effectively, strength training is key.

Not only is strength training going to raise your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories each and every day, but it’s also going to also boost your metabolism even higher in the 48 hours post workout.

This means you are literally burning fat while you’re sleeping at night.

Not to mention that strength training is the only way to preserve lean muscle mass tissue while you lose weight so that you can really reshape your body as the process moves along.

This said, strength training for fat loss is slightly different than strength training for strength gains, so let’s go over what you need to know.

Bring Volume Down, Not Up

The very first thing that you’ll want to be doing is bringing the volume down, not up.

Many people make the mistake of taking their volume sky-high when they start up a fat loss plan thinking this will help them burn more calories.

What you need to remember however is that the higher the volume of exercise, the lower the intensity will need to be.

And, as far as boosting your metabolic rate as high as possible, intensity is key.  A low intensity workout is not going to produce nearly the same results in this regard as a higher intensity session would.

To add to this, you’ll have fewer carbohydrates coming in on a daily basis, meaning you simply won’t have the energy for that much volume.

Short but intense is what you’re looking for.

Keep The Weight On The Bar Heavy

Strength Training

Going for higher weight, lower reps is better for fat loss

The next big error you want to avoid is lightening the weight.

What typically happens in those looking for fat loss is they think they should increase the reps and decrease the weight.

This is completely opposite what they should be doing. If you start decreasing the weight, you are sending the message to your body that it doesn’t need to be as strong as it is – the stimulus is gone.

This is the fastest way to start experiencing lean muscle mass loss.  If you want to retain muscle while dieting, heavy lifting is key.

Try and keep the weight at the same level it’s always been.

Focus On Compound Lifts

It’s also going to be vital that you start dropping out all the isolation exercises you might be doing and instead, focus on compound exercises only.

These are going to give you the best fat burning results for minimal time investment, which is perfect for fat burning.

You simply don’t need all those isolation exercises you might have been doing right now.

Save them for when fuel is plenty and you are looking to really reshape your body.

At this point, you simply want to stay strong and maximize calorie burn. That is what will get you leaner in a hurry.

By focusing on the compound exercises first and foremost, you will do this.

There’s nothing wrong with doing only compound exercises in your workout program if that’s what you choose to do.

This will help you get in and out of the gym quickly, keeping your energy level intact.

So keep these quick tips in mind when structuring a workout routine for fat burning.

It’s imperative that you train correctly during this time or you may find that the results of your diet were not quite what you were expecting.