Seeing The Bigger Picture Of A Set-Back

Set Back

Do you sometimes feel like you’ll never reach your goal?

Set-backs suck!  They leave you feeling frustrated, hopeless, and possibly like throwing in the towel altogether.

It can be hard to get up when you experience a set-back, but by keeping some tips in mind, it’s can be easier than you think.

It’s important that you do learn how to deal with a set-back properly because they will happen to everyone.

It’s almost inevitable that at some point along your journey, things may not workout as you’d planned, so learning how to deal with this productively can mean the difference between long-term success or failure.

Let’s go over a few of the best tips to use to help you keep motivated despite your set-back.

View It As A Learning Experience

The very first thing you need to do is reframe your thoughts regarding the set-back.

Basically, if you look at is as if you have failed, you’re going to feel miserable no matter what you do.

On the other hand, if you look at is as a chance to learn something – as a chance to grow and develop yourself and your skills, you will come to view it as less of a negative event and more as something that could actually become a positive.

As soon as you view it in a positive light, this will shift your entire motivation surrounding it.

Now it becomes something that isn’t necessarily going to tear you down, but rather, make you that much stronger in the future.

Consider Setting A New Goal

The next thing that you can do after a set-back to use it to motivate you to forge forward is to consider setting a new goal for yourself.

Use the set-back to think about if the goal you are currently working towards is something that you truly do want to obtain.

If there’s even a slight miss-match in your set goals and inner desires, this could be what caused the set-back in the first place.

Subconsciously, you may not truly be fully motivated towards the goal you’ve set and as such, you didn’t give it your full effort.


Re-frame your thoughts to look for the lesson, then dust yourself off and get moving!

If that’s the case, setting a new goal should re-awaken your motivation and help increase the overall effort you’re giving to achieve that new goal.

Sometimes it takes a set-back to open your eyes and see that you do need to make some changes to the goal you have in place.

Find Some Inspiration!

Finally, the last way to use the set-back as motivational fuel is to let it teach you the lesson that you may need assistance in some area of your plan.

Perhaps you found yourself turning to unhealthy food when you shouldn’t have and that’s what caused the set-back.

This may mean that you need to see a nutritionist as your diet isn’t set-up properly.

Always remember that it isn’t always a lack of willpower that prevents you from sticking with your diet.

If your diet is not providing you with the proper amount of energy and nutrients, that itself could drive you to eat foods you shouldn’t.

Resolving this issue should clear up that problem, ensuring that you have an easier time maintaining your diet plan in the future.

Likewise, the set-back may be indication that it’s time to see a personal trainer to get a new, updated workout program.

So hopefully you can see now that a set-back doesn’t always have to be viewed negatively and when used the right way, can actually be a very positive thing.

Always strive to learn from it and use it to help improve your chances of seeing success in the future.