Paddle Yourself To Fitness With Kayaking


Kayaking is not only great for fitness, it gets you enjoying the great outdoors!

Kayaks have been used for thousands of years. First as a means of survival, mostly for hunting and fishing, and now Kayaking is a great source of enjoyment and exercise for those keen on a challenging workout.

From sea Kayaking to white water Kayaking, for recreational or racing purposes: take your pick!

The History Of Kayaking

Kayaks have been used for fishing and hunting by native people of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions in Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Siberia for four thousand years.

The Kayak (meaning ‘hunter’s boat’) was personalised according to the people’s traditions and made from local materials, mostly driftwood or whale bones covered with stretched sealskin.

The Kayak made its way around Europe in the early nineteenth century where it became a sport.  Then, the sealskin cover was replaced by fabric.

In 1907, the German tailor Johann Klepper introduced the concept of mass marketing by manufacturing the folding Kayak. Kayaking then became very popular with adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Kayaks were also used in expeditions in the North Pole in 1926, and the South Pole in 1928, as well as the military during the Second World War.

Kayaking became part of the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. The Olympic Games now feature over ten different Kayaking events.

The 1950’s saw the birth of the fiberglass Kayak. In the 1980’s plastic Kayaks were introduced and Kayaks are since becoming lighter and more versatile.

The Benefits Of Kayaking

There are so many health benefits associated with Kayaking. As you feel at one with nature and marvel at your surroundings, you will leave all your troubles behind so it is the perfect activity to de-stress.

Kayaking Australia

Enjoy Kayaking for recreation by yourself or with a friend

But Kayaking will not only make you feel good, it will also make you look good. Paddling involves almost every single muscle in your upper body and your lower body too as you apply pressure with your legs at the same time while paddling.

It’s a low impact activity and will help you improve your fitness and strength..

It’s a great cardiovascular exercise as you can burn up to 1600 calories in four hours.

Kayaking on your own can be meditative. It can also be the perfect activity to enjoy quality time with the whole family. Or by joining a Kayaking club, you can also make tons of new friends so it can be a great social activity as well.

How To Get Started With Kayaking

There are basic differences between a Canoe and a Kayak.  A Canoe is an open vessel where the person either sits or kneels inside and a single-bladed paddle is used.

On the other hand, a Kayak is an enclosed vessel where the person sits inside with legs extended and a double-bladed paddle is used.

Adventure Kayaking

Adventure Kayaking takes your fitness to a whole new level!

Basic Kayaking skills can be learned within a day. Nowadays, you can find many tutorials about Kayaking for beginners on the internet including YouTube.

What you need on a Kayaking excursion depend on the environment and the waterway.

Every Kayaking club will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need as well as the essentials: Kayak, paddle, life jacket and wetsuit if required.

Kayaking can be enjoyed on your own for a few hours during the day. But it can also be enjoyed as part of team in expeditions which can last for days (sometimes weeks).

Kayaking can be very challenging but so rewarding in the end. It can be enjoyed on lakes, rivers or in the sea, as a hobby with the whole family or as a competitive sport.  It’s so much fun!

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