How To Sneak Protein Into Your Kids Meals

Protein for Kids

Can’t get your kids to eat protein?

Getting your kids to eat enough protein can be a real challenge, especially if he or she tends to turn their nose up at everything.

While some kids will eat meat without a problem, most will only go for the traditional kid-favourites of burgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers.

If that sounds like your child, it’s time to get creative. The good news is all hope is not lost.

There are a number of ways that you can sneak more protein into their day without them even realising it.

Here’s how… 

Whip Up Some Protein Pancakes

Rather than serving your kids conventional pancakes, which are typically very high in carbohydrates and low in protein, make a batch of protein pancakes instead.

You can very easily swap out at least half the flour called for in conventional pancakes for some protein powder instead.

Play around with a variety of different flavours and topping combinations.

Banana protein powder topped with peanut butter for instance can be a real kid-pleaser, or try a chocolate protein powder topped with fresh raspberries and low sugar maple syrup.

Try A Yogurt Based Fruit Dip

Another way to sneak protein into your kids diet is to try a yogurt based fruit dip.

Combine some yogurt with a little light whipped cream and some fruit flavoured low sugar jelly if desired.

Now serve this with some sliced fruit for a quick afternoon-snack that will provide protein, fibre, as well as vitamins and antioxidants.

Some kids will rarely eat fruit either, but when you add a tasty dip into the equation, it becomes more appealing.

Make Ground Turkey Breast Meatballs

Meatballs are another classic favorite for most kids but the high fat ground beef used to create them does nothing for their nutrition.

Transform this meal option with ground turkey breast instead.

Ground turkey breast meat is just as lean as regular turkey or chicken breast is and will help provide the amino acids their body needs for proper growth and development.

Prepare these just as you would a regular meatball, adding a little more moist ingredients (such as egg whites) to them to make up for the lack of fat.

Then serve them with a tomato based sauce (rather than cream) over a bed of whole wheat pasta or mashed sweet potatoes.

You’ll have a kid-friendly meal they’ll request time and time again.

Whip Up A Protein Fruit Smoothie

If your kids love their milkshakes, start preparing these at home.

Kids Fruit Smoothie

Add some protein powder to a fruit smoothie that they can’t resist!

Keep frozen bananas on hand, which will add a thick, creamy taste to the shake and combine that frozen banana with some low fat milk (or almond milk) along with a scoop of protein powder.

Add whatever other berries you desire and to really make it thick, blend in a little xanthan gum.

This is a thickener that you can purchase at many health food stores that will really make a difference in the overall taste of the shake.

Tuna Mac ‘N Cheese

Finally, macaroni and cheese is another classic kid-favorite that rarely gets refused, but sadly, is very low in protein.

To bump the protein of this easy-to-make dish, simply open up a can of tuna and toss it in.

You might even go one step further and add in some peas, corn, or finely diced red pepper for greater nutrition.

This balanced meal takes all of 20 minutes to make and can be a great go-to for hungry kids.

These are just some kid-friendly ways to add more protein to their day.

Try and work with their taste buds rather than against them and you’ll see full tummies and you’ll feel great too.