Muscle Building Foods

Muscle Building Foods

Eat big to get big?

If you’re on a quest to add lean muscle mass to your frame, it’s important that you provide your body with the right mix of muscle building foods.

While theoretically any food can help your body develop more muscle mass provided you are doing a resistance training program, there are certain foods that will help you build muscle faster than others, not to mention help you stay leaner in the process.

Curious which muscle building foods are best to include in your diet plan?

Let’s look at the key ones that you’ll want to be consuming.

Nuts And Nut Butter

Nuts or natural nut butter (made from raw nuts) is one of the best ways to get your calorie intake up.

Whether it’s natural almond butter or another homemade form of nut butter (such as cashew butter or hazelnut butter for instance), these butters will offer a great blend of healthy fats, protein, as well as some dietary fibre.

Smear them over fruit whenever you have it for a more calorie dense, muscle building snack option.

Just remember that peanut butter is not included here as peanuts are a legume and should be avoided.

Grass Fed Steak

Grass fed steak is your next option for improving your muscle building potential.

Grass fed steak has an excellent dose of CLA, which stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a healthy fat that will improve your level of fat oxidation, improve heart health and increase insulin sensitivity levels.

Eating this fat on a regular basis will go a long way towards helping you build up lean muscle mass during a period of higher calorie eating.

Grass fed steak is also rich in iron and zinc, two key minerals that anyone who wants to build muscle also requires in their diet plan.

Finally, you’ll also get a good dose of high quality protein when consuming grass fed steak as well. This protein will help with the muscle rebuilding and repair process.

Wild Caught Salmon

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat!

Wild caught salmon is next on the list of perfect foods to eat to build lean muscle mass.

Wild caught salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is a type of fat that most people are not getting enough of in their day to day diet plan.

These omega-3 fatty acids also boost insulin sensitivity, so could help your body make better use of the carbohydrates that you’re consuming.

These omega-3 fatty acids will also help increase your overall heart health, which in turn could improve your performance in the gym.

Wild caught salmon will provide you with the full spectrum of amino acids and is great for helping to promote increased rates of protein synthesis.

Sweet Potatoes

On the carbohydrate side of things, you’ll want to be sure that you’re including sweet potatoes around the workout period.

You’ll need these to help fuel your intense workout sessions as well as to help recover from each workout, promoting increased levels of muscle glycogen storage.

The right types of carbohydrates are highly anabolic as they’ll cause a high release of insulin in the body.

While insulin in the face of a sedentary lifestyle is problematic as it can lead to fat gain, insulin released immediately following a workout is very beneficial as it prompts the protein synthesis process to take place.

Coconut Oil

Finally, don’t forget to add coconut oil to your list of muscle building foods.

Coconut oil is very calorie dense so is a great way to meet your increased calorie requirements.

Additionally, it also acts as an immediate source of fuel, so use it during times when you aren’t eating carbohydrate dense foods but still need a good source of energy.

So keep these muscle building foods in mind as you structure your diet plan. Include these and you’ll be seeing better results because of it.