What To Do If You’ve Hit A Muscle Building Plateau

Muscle Building Plateau

Your diet is the first thing to address if you’ve hit a muscle building plateau

If you’ve been putting in the effort in the gym and making sure to get your meals in but yet are still not seeing the mass gain results you desire, it’s time for a check-up.

Don’t let yourself go longer than two weeks without seeing some sort of progress.

Too many people stick with a program that isn’t delivering for months on end, without giving thought to changing their program around.

To help get you back on track, let’s give you a quick muscle building diet checklist.

Go through this checklist and ensure your diet is optimised. If it’s not, make some changes so you can start seeing results moving forward.

Step 1: Your Calorie Intake

First assess your calorie intake.  The number one reason most people run into issues with progress when building muscle is due to lack of total calories. Check this and I promise it’ll help you get on track.

If you haven’t gained any weight in over 2-3 weeks, you simply aren’t eating enough.

Add 10% (or 200 calories, whichever is greater) to your total daily calorie intake.

Eat at this level for two weeks and then re-assess. If you still aren’t gaining, bump it up more.

The calories you consume provide the fuel and building blocks to generate new muscle mass, so it’s critical for your success.

Step 2: Your Carb Timing

If your calorie intake is correct but you still aren’t seeing lean muscle mass gains, it could be that your carb timing is off.

Carbs provide the fuel the body uses to generate more lean muscle, but if those carbs come at a time when muscle doesn’t need to be built, they can readily be stored as body fat instead.

So look at your diet. Are you putting your carbs primarily around the workout period?

Muscle Building Diet

Eat up if you want to push through the muscle building wall!

Or, are you eating them at other points in the day when you’re mostly sedentary (such as while watching TV)?

If so, that could be your issue right there. One simple change may do the trick to get you on track again.

About 60% of your total carb intake should come in the meals right before and right after your workout period.

Then place another 20% of your intake at breakfast and the remaining 20% should be spread out over the course of the day.

Carb timing can really impact how lean you stay during your muscle building phase, so don’t overlook this element.

Step 3: Your Food Tracking

Another step to take is to address recording of your food intake each day.

What are you doing to ensure you stay on track? Do you have any way to determine if you are in fact eating exactly what you think you are?

While most people think that calorie counting is for those looking to lose fat, it’s just as important for those who are hoping to build muscle. It’s the best way to ensure you are getting what you need.

Check out one of the many phone apps or websites that offers calorie and macronutrient tracking and start doing that.

These are the three big steps to take if you find that your progress has stalled on your muscle building program.

Often the problem has nothing to do with what you’re doing in the gym, but far more to do with what you are doing out of the gym.

Get your diet lined up and you’ll be on track to success.