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If you’re wanting to build muscle fast you not only need to do the right exercises such as compound exercises, you also need to know what to eat to build muscle.

Getting big isn’t just about going to the gym and lifting weights, it’s an ongoing commitment that will have benefits that far exceed having bigger muscles. You’ll not just look better, you’ll also feel stronger and more confident.

In our articles you’ll find out more about muscle building foods, the best exercises to build lean muscle as well as principles and techniques to pack on the kilos.

So grab a protein shake and get ready to learn how to build muscle… enjoy!

5 Tips To Get Stronger In The Deadlift

Get Your Form Right For The Ultimate Exercise The Deadlift is as basic and functional as an exercise can get. All you need to do is walk up to a loaded bar and pull it from the floor. Sounds easy enough right? If the bar was loaded with 60 kilos, anyone could probably...

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8 Weeks To A Bigger Bench Press

How Much Do You Bench? Anyone who has worked out in a gym must have been asked this question at least once in his life. It’s not the Squat or the Deadlift; Two exercises where you can lift considerably more weight. It’s the Bench Press. Why are people so enamored with...

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Pyramiding For Strength

Lift Like An Egyptian; Build Mega Strength With Pyramiding Weight training programs come and go but one method has stood the test of time. Pyramiding is a simple, yet effective method for building strength and muscle. It has gone through several incarnations but the...

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Bench Press For A Stronger, Bigger Body

Do You Even Bench? For years, the Bench Press was the most popular exercise in the gym. Trying to find an available Bench Press was like trying to find a Treadmill in the 80’s. The Bench Press represented 2 things for most trainers: a bigger chest and bragging rights....

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The Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle

Everything You Need To Know About Building Muscle! (From Weight Lifting Techniques To Foods To Supplements) If you’re looking to build muscle, get stronger and have a great physique, this article is for you. Whether you are on the lean side and trying to gain weight,...

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Could Deadlifts Be The Best Exercise Ever?

Why Everyone Should Be Doing Deadlifts In today’s fast-paced world, time has become such a valuable commodity. We hardly have enough time for anything outside work. In addition to time spent with family, the daily grind has also compromised our time for exercise. But...

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Protein Supplements: Which One Is For You?

Which Source Will You Get Your Protein From? Of all the supplements available in the market, the most popular has to be protein powder. There are many reasons why protein supplements are in high demand: It is an essential macronutrient. Protein powders are fortified...

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