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If you’re wanting to build muscle fast you not only need to do the right exercises such as compound exercises, you also need to know what to eat to build muscle.

Getting big isn’t just about going to the gym and lifting weights, it’s an ongoing commitment that will have benefits that far exceed having bigger muscles. You’ll not just look better, you’ll also feel stronger and more confident.

In our articles you’ll find out more about muscle building foods, the best exercises to build lean muscle as well as principles and techniques to pack on the kilos.

So grab a protein shake and get ready to learn how to build muscle… enjoy!

The Top 4 Bicep Curl Variations

Shake Up Your Bicep Workout With These Exercises If you’re on a mission to get bigger arms, curls are likely making their way into your workout program. But, if you hit the gym and perform standard curls over and over again, you are making a grave mistake. The biceps...

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Leg Press 101: What You Need To Know

Build Your Quads With Leg Press One of the moves that you might find yourself including in your lower body workout routine is the leg press. This compound exercise is excellent for working your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, making it great for overall lower body...

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The Ultimate Guide To Calories

Everything You Need To Know About Calories! (From BMR To What To Eat When) If you’ve done any reading regarding health, fitness, and weight management, one term that you’ve without a doubt come across before is the term ‘calories’. But what is a calorie? When you say...

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Strength Training

What Is Strength Training? When people talk about strength training the common perception is adopting an exercise program that incorporates heavy lifting. After all, if you can progressively increase the amount of weight you are lifting then you are getting stronger....

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Resistance Training – How It Works

What Is Resistance Training And What Can It Do For You? If you are considering getting started on a resistance training workout program, you may be wondering how it helps your body become stronger, healthier and fitter. What is resistance training? What’s involved and...

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How to Build Muscle

How To Build Muscle For Beginners It should be no surprise to anyone that the most popular reason why people build muscle is to look good. After all, a toned, well-muscled and proportioned body carries clothes well and easily catches the attention of the opposite sex....

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Bodybuilding Diet

Bodybuilding Diet For Serious Muscle Gains Looking to get started on a bodybuilding diet plan? If you have the workout in place and now just need to look after your nutritional needs, there are some important points that you must be considering. Eating the right foods...

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High Carb Diet For Muscle Building

Will A High Carb Diet Help Build Muscle? As you put in those hard workouts to help build lean muscle mass, it’s important that you take the time to plan out a proper diet plan. One of the best options for rapid results is a high carb diet. This said, you can’t just go...

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