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Healthy eating is a crucial component of being healthy, as the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat‘.

And while everyone knows they need to eat healthier, information on the topic such as the food pyramid can often be more of a form of misinformation.

Whether it’s Government healthy eating guidelines or profit-driven advertising campaigns telling you what’s healthy, the only way you’ll truly know what’s healthy for you to eat is to self-educate.

Reading as much information as you can will help you make informed food choices instead of just accepting surface-level diet and nutrition advice provided in the media and by food companies.

And when combined with daily exercise, a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help you lead a healthy, happy life. Information is power, especially when it comes to your own health.

Enjoy reading our nutrition articles and we commend you on your decision to live a healthier life!

Healthy Shakes: 8 Delicious And EASY-To-Prepare Shakes!

Healthy Shakes: 8 Delicious And EASY-To-Prepare Shakes!

Healthy shakes are a fantastic option for a nutritious drink in between meals or as a pre or post workout drink. The best part is you're in full control of the final taste of your shake... so whether you're feeling like a sweet drink, a sour-ish drink or would like to...

Juicing Recipes: For FAST Nutrition And Great Taste Too!

Juicing Recipes: For FAST Nutrition And Great Taste Too!

Juicing is one of the best ways to get maximum nutrition that’s quick and easy to digest. Here are some of my favourite juicing recipes for you to try either as a great healthy start to your day or perhaps as a post-exercise nutrition hit. With various combinations of...

Healthy Breakfast Recipes, Ideas And Inspiration!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes, Ideas And Inspiration!

A healthy breakfast is essential for starting your day right. But what are the best and healthiest foods for breakfast? In this article I'll be sharing some tasty and healthy breakfast recipes that you'll actually looking forward to waking up to. As a qualified Chef,...

10 Healthy Salads For A QUICK BITE With Nutrition And Taste!

10 Healthy Salads For A QUICK BITE With Nutrition And Taste!

Healthy salads are a fantastic way to get a quick, convenient nutritious meal whether you're on the go or have all the time in the world. With so many options, a healthy salad can take just about any form or taste by adding or subtracting meat, spices, nuts, seeds or...

Optimal Nutrition

Optimal nutrition is essential for healthy living and to look and feel great every day. And the best part is you don’t need a calorie counter to live a healthy lifestyle. A common sense healthy diet is all you need.

So what diet plan is best for optimum nutrition?

A balanced mix of protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, minimal meat, quality fish, tuna and salmon and of course healthy spring water.

A healthy diet these days is more a case of ‘avoiding’ the bad foods such as processed and packaged foods with synthetic ingredients… because once you eliminate these so called ‘foods’… all that remains to eat is healthy, natural foods.

In this area of our website we provide dietary advice along with recipes for low calorie meals, low calorie snacks, from breakfast to dessert.

In our Healthy Eating Guide you’ll find more information about low calorie foods and high calorie foods so you’ll know exactly what to eat, when to eat as well as finding out about your body type and how foods affect your body shape.

And checkout our Calories guide too for everything you need to know about calories, calorie counting, ideal calorie intake for men and women and more!