A Cure for Low Energy?

Low Energy Fix

Looking for more energy at any age?

Energy drain is one of the most common complaints among people as they go about their busy day to day lives.  Whether this energy drain hits thirty minutes after eating lunch or it tends to happen more frequently during that mid-morning meeting when you just can’t keep your eyes open, most of us have experienced it at one point or another.

While getting enough sleep at night, making sure to eat a nutrient dense diet with plenty of lean protein, and getting regular exercise will all help keep your energy levels up, there’s one more thing that you can do to help give yourself a boost when you need it.

That thing?

Improving your posture.

Let’s look at how this improves your natural energy levels.

Increased Oxygen Intake

The biggest reason why simply shifting your posture will help boost your energy level is thanks to the increased oxygen you’ll be taking in while sitting in this manner.

If you are constantly slouched over, this limits the total amount of oxygen coming into and moving out of the body.

As a result, it’s normal to see your energy level begin to decline.  Without sufficient oxygen, not only do your muscles grow tired, but your brain grows sluggish as well.

Sitting up straight helps reduce this.  In addition to that, if you sit up straight and focus on taking a few deep breaths in, this too will dramatically help enhance your posture.

Improved Mental Focus

Another reason why using better posture instantly boosts your energy level is because it’ll help you mentally stay focused as well.

Those who are using good posture will feel more confident and more mentally dialed in.  Try it next time you’re at work.  Sit up as straight as you can, shoulders back, head in line with the spine, and then watch if you don’t feel you can concentrate better.

This gives you more mental energy, which in turn will also influence your physical energy.

Greater Muscular Energy

Finally, using proper posture is also going to mean that you are holding more tension in the postural muscles, creating muscular energy.

Those who let themselves slouch over aren’t using any muscular force to keep the body in proper alignment, only adding to the feeling of sluggishness they are experiencing.

While sitting up straight for a lengthy period of time may not come easily as you will feel those back muscles working, if you keep paying attention to it each day, sitting up straight whenever you think of it, you’ll be noticing an improvement in how you feel.

So give this simple, yet highly effective trick a try.  Posture is something that is typically very overlooked by many people and as a result, only worsens over time.  Especially if you happen to work in an office, there’s a very good chance that you naturally assume improper posture.

Slowly but surely, you can build this back up however, using proper posture more often than not.

If you wish to improve your posture in the gym, focus on strengthening the back muscles by doing weighted, hyperextended superman exercises, as well as working the upper back muscles through a series of horizontal rows.  By doing these exercises two to three times per week, you should see a noticeable difference in how well you sustain good posture throughout the day.