Online Fitness Challenges

Online Fitness Challenges for beginners and upwards… get results in the next 28 days!

Now Or Never Weight Loss Challenge

Lose Weight In The Next 28 Days!

Beef Up Challenge

Build Lean Muscle In 28 Days!

Fit Dads Challenge

Ditch Your Dad Bod In 28 Days!

Ready for a fitness or body transformation?

Get moving with one of these online fitness challenges and achieve your fitness goal in the next 28 days!

Join one of our 2018 fitness challenges and receive:

  • Direction – Receive daily instructions with exercises to do and meals to eat so you don’t even have to ‘think’ about what to do next.
  • Information – Take the guess work out of it by having our experts give you specific instructions to follow with exercises and meals every day so you know that you’re on track.
  • Time-frame – Commit for the next 28 days to build the positive habit of exercise and healthy eating with qualified experts helping you every step of the way.
  • Community – You’re not alone when you join one of our 28 day Challenges… you’ll be part of a global community of people on the same journey for the next 28 days. Join our Facebook Group for daily community support, interaction and motivation.
  • Support and Motivation – Our experts are here to support you from day 1 to day 28 so that you follow through and stay motivated throughout the Challenge. Contact us anytime with questions and support.
  • Competition – Compete against yourself or compete with others to motivate yourself further.
  • Accountability – Stay on track and stay accountable with the support of our experts and the community so you stack on track and achieve your goal.