Skip The Gym With These Outdoor Exercises

Outdoor Workout

Looking for the ultimate outdoor workout to boost your cardio fitness as well as your strength?

Looking to get out of the gym and workout outdoors for a change of scenery?

Exercising outdoors can provide the change of pace you need to stay motivated with your workout program while presenting new challenges.

The great thing about outdoor exercise is that you don’t need equipment, you can just use what the environment offers you.

It’s a good idea to have a outdoor workout plan or two that you can do at your local park that will challenge your cardiovascular fitness, your muscle strength and endurance, as well as your balance. Let’s get started…

What You Need To Exercise Outdoors

So what will you need to get this workout underway? You’ll need a good pair of running shoes to start.

Make sure that you are wearing proper footwear while outside as it’s even more important than in the gym.

While on the treadmill in the gym you have that flat surface of the treadmill belt to run on, that isn’t the case when you’re outside.

Next, you’ll need a running trail. Locate a park that has a trail around the perimeter or simply an open field that you can use.

Finally, you’ll need a bench. You’ll be using this to perform your strength building moves during this session.

Preparing For Your Outdoor Workout

To prepare for this workout, keep your typical gym protocol in mind.

Just as you would if you were in the gym, start the workout with a good warm-up.

This will get the blood flowing and ensure that you are ready to push as hard as possible.

Also remember to hydrate. Do this prior to the session and bring a water bottle with you outdoors, as there may not be a tap or water fountain available.

This may seem obvious, but many people forget this important point.

Finally, get your head in the zone. Do whatever you have to – listen to music, review your goals, or pair up with a workout buddy.

You want to be just as focused for this session as you would be for one in the gym.

Outdoor Exercises

Get some chest exercise in with bench push ups

Your Outdoor Workout Routine

Now it’s time to get to your workout. What you’ll do for this park bench workout is alternate between a running interval and a strength and conditioning exercise.

Start with run for about 20-45 seconds. Sprint this if you can, going at a near all out pace.

Ideally the sprint will take your right to the bench that you’ve found, however if you prefer to walk back to it to give yourself a little more rest and recovery time, that’s fine also.

Now when you hit the park bench, you’ll perform one conditioning exercise with one cardio or ab exercise.

Your Park Bench Workout

  • Incline Push Ups (placing the hands on the bench)
  • Front Crunches (lying on the ground)
  • Step Ups (stepping up and down on the bench)
  • Lying Leg Raise (lying on the ground)
  • Split Squats (one leg back up on the bench behind you)
  • Mountain Climbers (on the ground beside the bench)
  • Bench Dips (fingers placed on the edge of the bench)
  • Burpees (on the ground beside the bench)

Once you’ve completed the sequence of 8 exercises, you’ll then want to repeat the process one more time for at least 3 circuits – The running intervals followed by the 8 strength-based exercises (3 times in total).

If you’ve still got energy, keep repeating until you can’t do any more.

This outdoor workout will help build cardiovascular conditioning, enhance your strength, and get you enjoying the great outdoors.