Help! I Want My Body Back!

Post Pregnancy Body

Get your body back post-pregnancy starting with the right diet

So you’ve just brought your new bundle of joy into the world and are really enjoying the new addition to your family.

As an exercise buff, you’re no doubt wondering how you can get your pre-baby body back as quickly as possible?

To help get yourself back on track, you’ll need the right diet in addition to a consistent exercise routine.

Here are a few post-pregnancy diet tips that will help you get your body back in a hurry.

Analyse Your Calorie Needs

The first thing you’ll want to do is look at what your calorie needs are. Try out one of the many calorie requirement calculators online to find a good estimate for your daily intake.

If you are breastfeeding, this can add a couple hundred calories to your daily energy requirements, so make sure that you adjust your intake accordingly.

Once you figure this out, adjust your diet accordingly ensuring a slight calorie deficit is in place.

Aim for no more than 200-300 calories less than maintenance during this time.

Cut your calorie intake back too far, especially if breastfeeding and you won’t have energy to take care of your new baby.

Focus On Wholesome Foods From All Three Macronutrients

Next, it’s also important that you focus on wholesome foods that deliver all three macronutrients.

This means consuming proteins, carbohydrates as well as dietary fats.

Turn to lean meat sources of protein along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for carbs and nutrients.

Sweet potatoes, quinoa, and wild rice can be consumed for complex carbs, which will fuel any workouts you start to do.

Post Baby Body

Bounce back with the right diet and consistent exercise!

Finally, don’t neglect healthy fats. Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, fatty fish, and small amounts of nuts will all help you keep your energy levels up while also ensuring your hormones are where they need to be.

Emphasize Lean Proteins

As you focus on fat loss during this time, protein should come up slightly.

Make sure that you emphasize protein from lean sources such as chicken, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, as well as fresh seafood provided it’s lower in mercury content.

These lean proteins will also help to fill you up, decreasing hunger and making it easier to stick to your reduced calorie diet plan.

Eat For Energy

Finally, don’t forget to eat for energy.  When you are feeling tired and hungry, don’t refrain from eating just because your diet plan tells you not to.

While it’s great to focus on weight loss during this time, make sure that you listen to your body and give it what it needs.

Some days you may have a higher energy need if you are running around with your baby all day or if you’ve stayed up all night trying to get him or her to sleep.

Feed your body accordingly.  In turn it will thank you and eventually it will lose the body fat that you’ve gained throughout your pregnancy.

Remember that your top priority at this time should be to take care of you and your baby.

If you are smart with your nutrition, you’ll get your pre-baby body back, start feeling like your normal self again, and have the energy you need to start up a regular workout program as well.