Power Clean exercise is an explosive exercise that works the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus muscles, calves and hips.

It also hits the upper back, shoulders, traps, biceps and forearms.

The core section has to be activated in order to maintain the correct upper body position and to support the lower back.

Power Clean is a great exercise to build power, explosiveness, agility, coordination and flexibility.

Power Clean Progression & Mobility

  • Assume a hip width position behind a barbell.
  • Squat down and take a shoulder width, overhand grip on the barbell.
  • At the bottom position, your hips should be higher than your knees.
  • Knees should be tracking over your heels.
  • Your shoulders should be over the barbell and in line with the elbows and wrists.
  • Maintain a strong flat back position.
  • Squat up by pushing your heels forcefully through the floor; shoulders, hips and shins should rise at the same time.
  • Extend the knees and when the bar is below knee level, drive your hips forward to throw the barbell over and unto your shoulders.
  • Catch the weight by opening up your feet to shoulder width position. Keep your elbows up and parallel to the floor.
  • Adjust your feet back to hip width position.
  • Bring the barbell back to below knee level before returning it to the floor.

Faults, Form and Technique

A common fault in Power Clean is to start the exercise with straight legs which places more pressure on the lower back and hamstrings.

Another common fault is stopping the momentum at below knee level and using the arm muscles to clean the weight to the shoulders.

A third common fault is spreading the feet out wider than shoulder width during the catch.

This places your hips forward and ahead of the bar which may injure your lower back, knees and throw you off balance.

Variations: Dumbbell Power Clean, Medicine Ball Clean

Power Clean

How To Do Power Clean