Ring Push Ups Exercise

Ring Push Ups is a great exercise for developing the chest, anterior deltoids and triceps.

It also activates the core section to maintain the correct position of the upper body and support the lower back.

Ring Push Ups present a unique challenge because the rings are constantly moving.

You must focus on maintaining balance and stability which is why keeping your body in correct alignment is crucial in getting productive results with Ring Push Ups.

This exercise will improve upper body strength, mobility and flexibility.

Ring Push Ups Progression & Mobility

  • Set up the rings at the correct distance. The distance between the rings should be the same length of your fist to the elbow. Make sure the rings do not touch the floor.
  • Take a secure grip on the rings. The rings must be in line with your wrist, elbows and shoulders. Round out your upper body by pulling your sternum toward your navel.
  • Extend both feet out and keep your legs straight. Push your toes to the floor for greater stability. Your upper back must be aligned with your lower back, hips and heels throughout the exercise.
  • Slowly bring your upper body down until the top of the rings make contact with your biceps.
  • Push up in a straight line back to top position.
  • Repeat the exercise until you have completed the targeted number of reps.

Faults, Form and Technique

In order to keep your upper body stable, keep your elbows in throughout the exercise. Do not allow your elbows to come out of position.

Another common fault is overstretching the shoulders by coming down past the biceps. This will place too much pressure on the rotator cuff.

“Breaking at the hips” or when you lose alignment between the upper back, hips and heels will put your lower back and shoulders into compromising positions.

Pushing up at the hips from the bottom position will reduce the workload from the chest and shoulders and make this exercise unproductive.

Variations: Plyometric Pushups

How To Do Ring Push Ups