Rollerblade Your Way To Ripped Legs and Glutes!


Rollerblade for fitness and fun!

Rollerblading, or in-line skating, has long been the perfect alternative to ice skating in the summer months. As it became more popular over the years, it became a fun and healthy way towards muscle building and weight loss.

It is great to practice on its own or combined with your exercise routine for optimum health.

The History of Rollerblading

It is unclear who created the first in-line skates. All we know is that they were originally made during the eighteenth century in Northern Europe as an alternative to ice skating in the summer months.

They were mostly made out of wooden wheels on a wool strap attached to regular shoes. In-line skates were also used on stage in various performances around Europe.

First written records show that they were officially invented by the Belgian musician John Joseph Merlin in 1760.

It is said that Merlin played the violin on a pair of skates at parties, including at the notorious Carlisle House in Soho Square.

The skates were then first officially patented in France in 1819. The base was mostly  wood and leather straps on three in-line wheels made out of metal, wood or ivory.

In 1863, the American James Plimpton created the ‘rocking’ skate which resembles the roller skate.

Although quite popular, when skating rinks started to spread across the UK and US, skates were still quite uncomfortable and relatively unsafe until a hundred years later.

That’s when in 1979 two American ice hockey players, the Olsen brothers, stumbled upon an old pair. Needing practice in the summertime, after the ice had melted, the Olsons improved the old model and finally added the heel break.

The company later called Rollerblade was born, therefore vastly improving the skates over the years and making them easily available to everyone as rollerblading, like it is now mostly called, became hugely popular.

In Line Skating

Strap on some Rollerblades and enjoy the outdoors while you get great cardio!

The Benefits: Rollerblade Your Way To Fitness

Rollerblades are so much more comfortable than when they were first designed three hundred years ago. They can be used at any age for recreation purposes, as well as sports like hockey, or purely as a mode of transport.

Rollerblading can burn as many calories as running or cycling while being easier on your joints. And remember the faster you skate, the more calories you burn!

Plus it is a lot more fun than just simply going to the gym and it allows you to enjoy more of the great outdoors.

In that sense, it is an amazing mood enhancer; it will improve your breathing and your posture as well as tone your lower body.

Rollerblading can be a great addition to your existing exercise regime. Or, if practised on its own, roller blading three times a week will help you lose weight and maintain a good body shape, especially in combination with a healthy diet.

It is an amazing leg and butt workout to get those chiselled legs and buttocks. Additionally, you will work out your core muscles while you improve your balance. As you gain more confidence and skills, you can add light weights to your arms as well for a whole body workout.

How To Get Started With Rollerblading


Rollerblading develops toned legs and glutes while you’re having fun!

Most importantly, to get you started, you will need to find the correct size of roller blades. They must be a perfect fit and should feel comfortable, without being loose, while providing great support for your ankles.

It is also important to invest in a properly-fitted helmet and protective gear which include: knee pads, elbow pads and wrist-guards. It not only essential to keep you safe from injury but will also give you the confidence you need to improve your technique and speed.

Ask the salesman at your nearest general sports store and they will be more than happy to provide you with the help you need in finding the best gear for you.

It is advised not to eat a heavy meal before roller blading and wear comfortable or stretchy clothes.  It can seem difficult at first but hang in there, take one step at a time and start with light speed and short distances.

Learn to roller blade with a friend or join a roller blading club in your area to share the experience and receive constructive feedback.

Rollerblading is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to burn calories. Now you are ready to start! Believe in yourself and give yourself set goals. And remember, it gets easier and easier with practice. It will give you a great confidence boost…and did I mention it is a lot of fun?

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