What Ingredients Make The Ideal Healthy Sandwich?

Sandwich Fillings

Wondering what to include and what to avoid in your next sandwich?

As you head out for the day, one meal that you’ll often likely find yourself turning to time and time again is the sandwich.

A union of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, it seems like the perfectly balanced option.

But, if you aren’t choosing your sandwich components properly, it’s not as healthy as you think.

Some sandwiches are too high in refined carbohydrates, too high in saturated fat, and lack the quality protein that you need to fuel you through the afternoon.

Let’s take a look at some of the best components to add to your sandwich so that you can get what you need.

Ezekiel Or Pita Bread

First, rather than going with plain white bread or worse, a bagel, consider using Ezekiel bread. 

It’s far heartier than any other bread variety and will provide you with plenty of slow burning carbs rich in fibre.

Or, you can alternatively avoid bread altogether and instead, go with some pita bread.

Whole wheat pita bread can be an excellent choice because it’ll create that pocket that’ll allow you to stuff as many fresh veggies into the center as possible.

Smart Spreads

Next you need to choose your spreads wisely. Avoid mayonnaise at all cost. Instead, if you want something creamy, try using some mashed avocado on your sandwich.

It’ll provide you with healthy fats unlike mayonnaise, which has a lot of saturated fat.

Other great options include mustard (just steer clear of honey mustard), or some home-made relish that’s prepared using minimal sugar.

If you are using a pita, you might also consider adding a little salsa as well to live it up.

If you are purchasing a sandwich at your local sandwich shop, you’ll want to really be sure that you keep away from any ‘special sauces’ they offer. Usually these are going to be where most of the fat and calories are lurking.

Power Protein

Protein is the next thing that you’ll need to be looking at when you prepare your sandwich.

Here you’ll want to stay away from deli meats as much as you can.  They’re loaded with preservatives, nitrates, and will not do your body any good.

Instead, choose a thinly sliced lean chicken or turkey breast, or consider making your own egg salad using a combination of egg whites and whole hard boiled eggs along with mashed avocado and diced onion.

It’ll be a far healthier alternative to the standard version.

Sandwich Ideas

Skip the bread or bun and use lettuce to hold the goodness in


Next, you need to add on those vegetables. This is one element that will take an average salad into a very nutrient dense one in a hurry.

Swap your iceberg lettuce for more nutrient dense spinach leaves, add on the sliced peppers for antioxidant power, and be sure to consider also topping it with some cucumber and tomato for further cancer protection.

Vegetables will also add an excellent dose of fibre to your meal, which will help balance your blood glucose levels and keep you feeling full and satisfied until the next time you eat.

These are just several of the most important considerations to keep in mind when preparing your sandwich.

When prepared properly, a sandwich can be a great way to nourish your body and give you the energy you need to get on with your day.

Remember that you can also create an open faced salad or even use lettuce wraps instead of bread if you are on a lower carb diet and need to keep that carb count reduced.

The one nice thing about the sandwich is that it’s very easy to tailor what you put on to meet your macronutrient needs.