Submit Your Selfies!

Are you a fitness fanatic and love taking fitness selfies? Fitness Selfies

We’re always on the lookout for fit, healthy people to submit selfies and photos from the gym, exercising, eating healthy foods, preparing healthy foods, having adventures and living an active lifestyle!

What You Receive

In return for your selfies, we’ll promote you. We’ll add your Instagram handle to each one of your photos so that you can leverage the website and social media community to promote yourself and/or your business.

Suitable Selfies:

  • Exercising/Working out (gym, park, PT studio etc)
  • Eating and/or preparing a healthy meal
  • Drinking and/or preparing healthy smoothies, protein shakes etc
  • Doing classes – yoga, pilates, HIIT, aerobics etc
  • Enjoying life at the Beach, Pool, River etc
  • Supermarket, local markets, fruit shop etc (buying healthy natural food)
  • Using fitness wearables (watch, band, apps etc)
  • Using tech while in gym gear (on smartphone, laptop, ipad etc)
  • Adventures – mountain biking, cycling, bushwalking, running, kayaking, swimming, enjoying nature etc
  • Wearing gym/fitness gear (including shopping for clothes, equipment etc)
  • In-car – on the way to the gym etc
  • Bathroom mirror selfies
  • Taking supplements
  • Travel photos – having fun, having adventures etc

NON-Suitable Selfies:

  • Fake tan photos
  • Bodybuilding photos
  • Fitness competition photos, holding up trophies etc
  • Holding up supplements, clothing, products of your sponsors
  • Other people in the photos unless their part of
  • Promotion of brands you’re sponsored by
  • Sexually-oriented photos
  • Serious/Angry face photos
  • Puckered lips photos
  • No ‘In-your-face’ tattoo photos
  • Photos with friends (unless their involved with our website too)

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