Enjoy Pizza Without The Guilt (And Calories!)

Pizza guilt

Got the pizza guilts? Change the base and drop the calories!

Pizza. It’s the one food that so many people continuously struggle to remove from their healthy eating diet plan.

The cheesy taste, the soft fluffy crust, the salty toppings – what’s not to love? For your taste buds, pizza has everything.

For your body however, it’s another story.

It doesn’t take much nutrition knowledge to realise that a regular pizza intake is going to result in unwanted fat gains.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this.  By looking at things you can swap out of the classic pizza pie for healthier versions instead, you can come out ahead.

Let’s talk today about the crust. Traditional pizza crust is high in calories, high in carbs, and depending on how it’s made, high in fat as well. It’s a triple-whammy, so to speak.

Luckily, there are a number of smart alternatives.

Let’s look at a couple of the best other choices you can use instead to satisfy that craving.

Corn Tortilla

Consider swapping out the traditional wheat based pizza crust for a soft corn tortilla instead.

This will please the gluten-intolerant individuals very well and the tortilla will also offer a great dose of fibre as well.

Most corn tortillas come in under 100 calories, so it’s a great lower calorie alternative.

Cauliflower Crust

Speaking of low calorie alternatives, you might also consider preparing a cauliflower crust.

You can find a variety of different recipes for this online, most of which involve mashing up cooked cauliflower and mixing it with eggs and Parmesan cheese.

While it will contain some fat from the cheese, it’s still a healthier alternative to traditional pizza crust as it boasts far more nutrition from all the ingredients used.

For those on lower carb diet plans, this one also can’t be beat.

Whole Wheat Pita

A fast and easy option for a healthier pizza crust is to simply use a whole wheat pita.

Pita bread is slightly thicker than the corn tortilla, so if that tortilla doesn’t quite fit the bill, this can be a perfect choice.

You can keep both layers of the pita together as you add your pizza toppings on top before baking.

English Muffins

An English muffin is the next delicious way to prepare a home made pizza.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Try a cauliflower crust pizza to reduce those fattening calories

The great thing about English muffins is that again, they’re nicely portion controlled coming in at just over 100 calories per muffin and second, the texture of these lends well to creating a great tasting pizza as the pizza sauce will seep slightly right into the muffin crust.

Portobello Mushrooms

Last but not least, consider Portobello mushrooms. This is another great option for those on a lower carb diet plan and will provide a slight boost to your protein intake as well.

Simply remove the stems from the mushrooms, layer on top your ingredients, and then place under the broiler.

This is done in a similar way that you’d use these mushroom tops to replace traditional bread when preparing a sandwich.

This is also the lowest calorie option here, so for those on a very strict diet, definitely the one to consider.

So as you can see, there is no reason you can’t enjoy the odd slice of pizza here and there provided you prepare it using healthier ingredients.

If you also load it up with vegetables, keep your protein leaner and use lower fat cheese, this can easily be a regular part of your everyday diet all while moving closer to reach your weight loss goals.