Stay On Track With Your Diet Plan When You’re On The Go

Healthy Choices

Opt for the healthier option of the original naughtier food and beverages

Going in for a morning cup of coffee?

If you regularly stop off at your favorite café for a pick-me-up, regardless of whether it’s first thing in the morning, later in the afternoon or evening and you’re opting for the decaf route, one thing is certain and that is that you must be making sure that you’re choosing wisely.

Choosing improperly could lead to you taking in far more calories, fat, and sugar than you had planned on.

Sadly, it’s these exact coffee drinks that can very often lead to weight gain – or a complete stopping of weight loss in many individuals.

Let’s go over some smarter choices on what you can drink – and eat – for success.

Go Plain

If coffee is your beverage of choice, your best bet is to simply go plain. The fewer bells and whistles you order with your coffee, the leaner it will be.

Opt for a plain black coffee and if the café offers it, feel free to add in some sugar free flavored syrup. Just do be sure that it is sugar free.

Or even better, bring your own Stevia to add to your coffee!

If that isn’t available, try sprinkling on some cinnamon. It’ll give your coffee a sweet delicious taste and most café’s do have this available for use.

Avoid adding cream and instead, simply add in some skim milk or skip it entirely.

Try Herbal Or Green Tea

Another good beverage option is herbal or green tea.  You can serve these hot or cold – your choice.

Once again, be sure that there is no sweetened syrup being added. Often in cold tea varieties, many shops will add these in.  Ask before you order to be sure.

If you need to sweeten your tea, opt for a natural sweetener such as Stevia.  Honey can also be used if only using a small dose, but do remember that it will still contain calories.

Ask For Skim

If you are going to go for any blended beverage or a cappuccino, you’ll want to ask that it’s made with skim milk.

The default for most coffee shops will be 2% milk or higher, meaning you’ll be taking in plenty of fat and calories with that beverage.

If you opt for skim milk, most of these drinks should come in at 200 calories or fewer.

While it’s not ideal, it won’t completely derail your diet plan.

Opt For The Sandwich Or Soup

Healthy food options

Change your ordering habits to change your body

If you are going to eat something while you order your beverage, the main things to steer clear of are bagels, any sort of granola, as well as the obvious – donuts.

None of these will provide a positive impact on your diet plan and will only move you further away from reaching that lean body you’re going for.

Instead, opt for a sandwich. If you can, get it on whole wheat and request that no mayonnaise or cheese is added.

Some shops will be preparing it right there in front of you, while others you may not have this option, so will need to tread more carefully.

Along with the sandwich, you’ll also want to consider a delicious soup.

If you go for a vegetable broth based soup, chicken soup, or a minestrone, you should be doing your diet good.

Stay away from any cream based soups however as the calorie count will simply be too high.

Likewise with any soup that’s noodle based.  Often they are loaded with noodles and you just don’t need the extra calories.

This is a closer peek into what options you can choose when you venture into the coffee shop.

All in all, you will almost always be better preparing your beverages or food at home whenever possible as then you know precisely what’s going in it, but for those times you can’t, these tips will help steer you in the right direction.

The good news is that by opting for simple selections, you’ll also save money, so it’s a real win-win.