Is Stress Affecting Your Body Weight And Exercise Program?


Stress can derail your exercise, weight loss or muscle gain program

Perhaps one of the most overlooked factors dictating your overall health but yet one of the most important factors that must be considered is stress.

Far too many people simply chalk stress as a fact of life.

There’s nothing they can do to avoid it.

Only, that isn’t the case.  There are a number of stress-busting tactics that can and should be used.

Let’s look at some of the impacts that stress has on your body so you can see how very real this issue is.

Stress And Your Body Weight

The first impact comes with your body weight.  Stress can make those kilos pile on in more ways than one.  First, if you’re like most, you’ve experienced stress eating before.  This clearly does not bode well for a healthy diet.

Second, when you are highly stressed, your body is releasing more cortisol throughout your system, which only encourages fat accumulation, especially in the stomach region.

Finally, those who are heavily stressed may also find that they simply don’t care as much about what they eat, therefore their entire diet, not just when they are stress eating, takes a turn for the worse.

All of this adds up and can greatly impact your weight control.

Stress And Insulin Sensitivity

Next, stress is also going to impact insulin sensitivity as well.  Those who have poor insulin sensitivity are going to be less equipped to handle the carbohydrates they consume, seeing a sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

This then means a greater chance of fat gain as well, and in time can even lead to the development of diabetes.

Most people think that diabetes is only developed when you eat poorly, but it can also be brought on (to some extent) by chronically high stress levels.

Stress And Exercise Performance

Stress is also going to impact your exercise performance. While some people may find they initially have a few really good workouts when highly stressed as they release this stress through aggression in their session, eventually this wears thin.

Then you start to find you simply don’t have enough energy to exercise at the intensity you used to and your entire performance takes a tumble.


Making time to relax and unwind is crucial for health and happiness!

Those who are heavily stressed out will also be more prone to over-training because their body simply can’t handle the total stress load (physical and emotional) being placed upon it.

Stress And Sleep

Stress is also going to impact your sleep quality. If you’ve ever struggled to fall asleep at night thanks to numerous thoughts running through your mind, you’ve just experienced the impact stress can have.

Lack of sleep also sets you up for a number of health woes, many of the same as what we’ve just mentioned.

In addition to this, lack of sleep simply impacts your overall level of happiness in life as well.

Stress And Heart Health

Finally, stress will also do a number on your heart health.

It can lead to increased blood pressure and may also even increase your risk of high cholesterol thanks to the cortisol that’s surging through your veins at all times.

If you are already at a risk of heart problems thanks to a family history, this is more the reason to get your stress levels under control.

So there you have the primary facts to know about stress and your body.

As you can see, stress definitely is a big game player when it comes to many different elements of your well-being, so something that pays to get under control.