Beat Stress With These Relaxation Tips

Stress Tips

Beat stress by taking time out regularly

Feeling stressed? If so, it’s vital that you do something about that stress before it takes hold of you.

Many people don’t even realise that they are starting to feel stressed until it builds and builds and then it overtakes them, causing many negative consequences in its path.

High stress levels can lead to anxiety, depression, nervousness, trouble sleeping, weight gain, increased blood pressure, and even put you at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

As you can see, it’s not an issue to take lightly. If you are chronically stressed, dealing with that stress should be number one on your agenda.

But how can you deal with it? At times, your stress may feel like too much to handle.

Here are some quick tips that you can use that will help you combat stress in a hurry.

Use A Journal

One of the best ways to combat stress is to simply use a stress journal. If you often find yourself lying awake in bed at night stressed and unable to sleep, the stress journal will definitely help.

Sometimes simply getting your thoughts out on paper and out of your head will help release them, leaving you to deal with them tomorrow.

Take five to ten minutes and write as much as you can.  Try to not let yourself stop writing.

You will be amazed what comes out when you force yourself to keep going – even it means writing the same word over and over again, just keep that pen moving.

Then read what you wrote.  This can help you uncover some very deep issues that may be causing far more stress than you realise.

Pour A Hot Bath

There’s nothing like a long hot bath to help calm you down after a stressful day.

Taking twenty minutes out at the end of your day to pour and relax in a bath is a great way to release tension as well as to help promote a deeper sleep as well.

Increasing your body temperature and then decreasing it as you crawl into bed can help promote a more restful slumber.

Have A ‘You’ Day

Another common reason you may be feeling stressed is simply because you are not taking enough time for yourself each week.

If you constantly feel like you’re doing everything for other people, it’s time for a you-day.

Slow down and on this day, do whatever it is that you want to do. If you can have one of these days every two weeks or so, it will do wonders for helping you combat stress.

Day Spa

Take a regular ‘you’ day to unwind and switch off from routine

Think of it as a day to recharge so that you can face all that’s going on in your life that much easier.

Get A Stress Buddy

Another smart step to help combat stress is to get yourself a stress buddy.

Just as you might have a weight loss support buddy if you were trying to lose weight, the stress buddy is someone who will be there to support you when you are feeling overly stressed.

They’ll be there to listen – to hear you vent – and then to offer some advice if you want it.  Sometimes just talking to someone can help you deal with whatever might be stressing you out.

Perform Intense Exercise

Finally, consider getting involved in an intense workout session.  When you exercise intensely enough, your body will release a high number of feel good hormones – hormones that ease stress and calm your anxiety.

You’ll come out of that workout feeling much better and in control over your life.

Any form of intense exercise can do this – be it strength training, cardio training, or something entirely else, so consider getting this added to your program today.

The more often you do these sessions, the less stressed you’ll be on a regular basis.

So there you have some tips to know next time you’re feeling stressed. If you put these into action, you’ll soon find yourself feeling calm, cool, and collected once again.