The Consequences Of Extreme ‘Cutting’

Extreme Cutting

There’s a fine line between being ‘cut’ and being unhealthy

Many people begin a simple fat loss program because they want to look better, feel more confident, and achieve greater health in the long term.

A small portion get hooked on fitness however and want to see what they can do to take their training to the next level.

Shortly after that, they’re dieting down and getting ready to step on stage.

Even if you aren’t competing in a bodybuilding or fitness contest, you might decide you want to push your limits and see just how lean and ‘shredded’ you can be.

And while this goal sounds great and you are definitely excited to see what you can do, do not overlook the fact that sometimes, lean is not better.

There are consequences of getting a little too lean, so it’s essential that you tread carefully.

Let’s look at what these are so that you are fully prepared for what may lie ahead if you continue on.

Your Immune System Is Weakened

First, let’s talk immune system. Your immune system is what keeps you healthy on a day to day basis, fighting off bacteria and viruses from compromising your health.

Keeping a strong immune system then is of importance to keep you feeling your best day in and day out.

But, when you get too lean, your immune system is compromised.

Your body simply doesn’t have the level of energy it needs to sustain your healthy immune system and as such, you may start to find you fall ill more often.

Plus, when you do fall ill, it takes you longer to bounce back and recover as well.

Your Heart Is At Risk

The next drawback to being too lean is that it can actually put your heart at a greater risk for problems.

Getting down to single digit body fat levels can impact the cardiovascular system’s capabilities to function optimally.

Those who are very lean will notice lower than normal heart rates, which often is linked with feeling dizzy all the time and even passing out.

While being too heavy is also detrimental to your heart-health, you don’t want to be too light either.

Your Libido And Reproduction Stops

As you progress along with your diet, you might start to find that your desire for bedroom activities sharply decreases.

Too Lean

Look after your body to ensure lasting health

Only, it isn’t just your libido that’s going to drop as you continue on with your diet, for women, their whole reproduction system is compromised.

Men will have lower sperm counts while women may stop menstruating altogether.

The only way out of this is to start eating more and gain fat back, so for those who hope to have a family, getting very lean shouldn’t be in your future plans.

You’re Psychologically Different

As you get leaner and leaner, you’ll also start to notice that you’re psychologically different as well.

You may find that your concentration just isn’t what it normally is and in addition to that, you may find that you struggle to remember things that you normally would.

It’s not abnormal at all for those who are dieting intensely to be short-tempered as well, so you may find yourself snapping at people for no real apparent reason.

These are just a few of the main characteristics that accompany attempts to have very low body fat levels.

While it’s great to get lean and not be carrying extra fat, just remember there are limits here with regards to what’s healthy for the long term.