Have You Got These Three People In Your Life?

Personal Trainers

Successful people in all areas have coaches and mentors, who are yours?

Want to make sure that you are as successful and happy as you can possibly be?

If so, it’s important that you take a look at who you’re spending most of your time with and ensure that those are those people are bringing positivity into your life.

Too many people are spending time with those who just bring them down, discouraging them from reaching their full potential.

This isn’t to say you should not be friends with those who aren’t highly successful, but do try and surround yourself with those who do tend to be more focused on growth and development.

Let’s take a closer look at three people in particular that everyone should have in their life if they want to be successful, happy, and healthy.

The Mentor

The first person you’ll want to have in your life is the mentor. This is someone who you can learn from – someone who is currently where you want to go. 

Whether this means a personal trainer if you are hoping to get fit, a successful business owner if you hope to start your own business, or just someone who has reached a certain level of self-development that you hope to achieve.

This person should be someone that you look up to and someone who you can interact with on at least a semi-regular basis in order to continue your own path towards self-growth.

The Role Model

In addition to the mentor, you’ll also want to have a role model.

This is someone who you may not necessarily interact with regularly – or even know in person, but who you simply look up to and who serves as a source of motivation.

Your role model may be the same as your mentor, or it could be someone completely different depending on the situation.

For instance, in the context of fitness, your mentor may be your personal trainer while your role model is your favourite fitness celebrity or athlete.

They are there to help you keep pushing yourself to better yourself as you use them as a guideline for what you hope to achieve.

You can certainly have more than one role model as well – and you may find that you have a number for all the different areas of your life, be it for your career, relationships, along with health and fitness.

Life Plan

Your life is simply the result of what you do each day

The Supporter

Finally, the last person you’ll want to get in your life is the supporter.

This is someone who is going to support you at all times as you move through your life, being there when you need them.

It’s the friend you can call when you’re struggling or the parent you can always come home to during a hard time in your life.

Social support is huge for happiness and well-being, but yet, many people don’t have a few very special people they can count on regularly.

Building this support network will help ensure that you are always your strongest no matter what life brings your way.

Even if you just have one or two people you can always count on, you’ll find that makes a huge difference in getting past those hard times and onto more successful and happy ones.

These are the three people you should be focusing on bringing into your life.  Do you have a person to represent each of these?

If not, it might be time to find someone who can fill that void and bring you one step closer to the fulfilling life that you want to lead.