Boost Your Energy Levels With These 4 Brekky Carbs


Bananas are a great fast brekky option if you’re on-the-go

When you first get up in the morning, one of the top priorities you have in mind should be on eating a healthy, balanced breakfast.

Fueling your body from the start of the day is critical to keeping your energy and focus up and preventing binge-eating later on in the afternoon or evening.

Too many people are lost on what they should be eating however and instead choose to pick up something on the go.

Nine times out of ten, it’s not a healthy option however and will often do more harm than good.

So what should you be eating in the morning? What is the best way to fuel your day? 

Let’s look at a few scenarios and the best energising carbs to be choosing.

Energy On The Go

Let’s say you slept in and have to be out the door in 20 minutes. You need something fast – preferably portable that you can take with you.

The last thing you have time for right now is to sit down and eat a bowl of oats.

The solution? A banana.  While the banana will contain some natural sugar, it also contains more starch than most other fruits, which will come in helpful to provide blood sugar stabilisation.

If you can, smear some peanut butter in a small container to dip your banana into and you’ll be set with a balanced breakfast.

While it may not be most ideal, it still will have some protein, healthy fats, and the carbs your body needs.

Long-Lasting Energy

Now let’s say you aren’t in such a rush but have a very busy morning ahead.

You know you likely won’t eat until noon – or later, so need something that will sustain you until then.

This time, your best bet is going to be a hearty bowl of oatmeal.

As long as you purchase the plain variety, you won’t take in any blood sugar spiking carbs here, but rather it will digest slowly over an extended period of time.

Oatmeal Breakfast

Oatmeal provides plenty of low GI carbs, add nuts and berries for a delicious, healthy breakfast

To help ensure this gives you the best energising boost, add some protein such as skim milk or a scoop of protein powder (stir it into your oatmeal) and then add in some nuts or ground flaxseeds for the healthy fats.

It’ll only take 10 minutes to prepare and eat, but will send you out the door well-fed.

Fat Loss Boost

If fat loss is your top priority right now, then you’ll likely want to go with something lower carb in nature. A good option? Grapefruit.

Grapefruit won’t provide all that many carbohydrates and grapefruit can help stabilise blood sugar levels and may promote faster overall fat burning.

While you will still need to eat healthy the rest of the day (there is nothing ‘magical’ about grapefruit), they may give you a bit of a leg up on fat loss.

The Lazy Sunday

Finally, the last occasion is when you’re looking to make something a little more gourmet for breakfast than you do during the week. The best solution here?

Try some sweet potato hash browns.  Shred the sweet potatoes and then cut them very thin in hash brown form and fry them up with some olive oil or coconut oil, adding whatever spices you desire.

Now you can serve these with your scrambled eggs or whatever protein source you plan to have with them.

Sweet potatoes offer that delicious sweet taste that most people love and are ranked lower on the GI index than traditional potatoes, so are far healthier.

Next time breakfast rolls around, you’re now out of excuses for not eating healthy. Choose one of these options and you’ll setup your energy levels perfectly for the day ahead.