Tone Your Booty With This Intense Workout

Booty Workout

Tone your booty with targeted exercises

Looking to firm up your backside? If so, you need the perfect pick of exercises combined with the right training protocol set-up.

Many people have the goal to work on their glute and upper thigh development but sadly, turn to all the wrong exercises.

If your idea of a great butt blaster workout is running on the treadmill for an hour, you definitely need a change of pace.

Let’s introduce you to this five minute booty blaster workout that you can either do on its own, or if you prefer, tacked onto the end of another workout session.

Setting Up The Workout

When it comes to firming up your booty, you need two things: intensity and an overloading stimulus. 

Not only do you need to use a fast paced workout to burn sufficient calories and boost your metabolic rate for fat loss, but you need to make sure that you are putting an overloading stimulus on the muscles in order to keep them responding.

This means structuring the workout using a superset set-up, performing one exercise and then another, and then resting once both of those exercises are completed.

In doing so, you will still get enough rest to allow for recovery to occur so that you can lift heavy again afterward.

At the same time, by placing the moves back to back, you’re getting that metabolic conditioning response.

Selecting The Exercises

To take this one step further, you’ll want to pair a booty boosting cardio move with a heavy strength training exercise.

This helps you get that overloading stimulus while at the same time, experiencing great firming and toning benefits.

The exercises selected below will often call into place the quads and hamstrings as well, so you will be taking a very well-rounded approach to this protocol.

As such, you’ll see the rest of your lower body shaping up as well.

Forming The Protocol

To form the protocol, you’ll want to first start with a five minute warm-up. If you are tacking this booty booster onto another workout, you can simply do it at the end as you’ll already be warmed up.

Aim to do this at least twice per week, with one day – preferably two – for rest in between.

Do it a maximum of three days per week for ultimate results.

Points To Remember

Bum Toning

Create your new booty with consistent glute exercises

Finally, as you go about the protocol, you must remember to focus on squeezing the glutes at all times.

They can be a slightly harder muscle to target and isolate thanks to the fact that you are working the hamstrings and quads most at the same time as well.

One tip that can help with glute activation is to simply focus on pressing up through the heels of the feet as you do the exercise rather than pressing up through the toes.

This will shift your weight back slightly, making sure that you are contracting your muscles as needed.

So all of this said, let’s show you your five minute glute building protocol.

Note that each superset should take one minute and fifteen seconds including the rest time between the moves.

Superset 1:
Burpees – 10 reps
Walking Lunges – 8 reps/leg

Superset 2:
Step Ups – 8 reps /leg
Goblet Squats – 15 reps

Superset 3:
Stairs (run up and down a set of stairs) – 20 seconds
Glute Bridge – 30 reps

Superset 4:
Sumo Squats – 20 reps
Squat Hold – hold for as long as possible

Give this workout a try and before not too long, you will see what a difference five minutes can make in your overall glute and lower body development.