When And How Kettlebells Can Be A Better Choice Than Dumbbells

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells can offer many benefits that Dumbbells can’t for certain training strategies

If you’re new to training or are considering a change of training routine, you may be considering using different equipment.

Kettlebells are becoming more popular as they offer many choices as to the types of exercises you can perform using them vs Dumbbells.

Let’s go over the areas where Kettlebells really shine so you can better determine if they are right for you.

The Cardiovascular Benefits

The first place that Kettlebells really bring great benefit is with your cardiovascular conditioning.

If you look at most Kettlebell exercises, they are being performed in a rather brisk manner involving multiple muscle groups, which is going to get your heart rate up and keep it elevated for an extended period.

Contrast this with typical dumbbell-based exercises where you generally perform a few reps, stop and then go again.

While a few dumbbell based exercises (lunges for instance) will get your heart rate up considerably, most just don’t do the trick.

So if you are looking for a way to gain greater cardiovascular conditioning, Kettlebells will be a better choice.

Full Body Strength Gains

Which now brings us to the next benefit that Kettlebells can bring – full body strength gains.

Because the majority of Kettlebell exercises are using the largest muscle groups in the body – the chest, back, and legs, they are going to be excellent for delivering total body strength gains.

You’ll have multiple muscles working in unison, which is what derives that high level of power.

This said, do keep in mind that if you are looking to develop sheer raw strength in any muscle group, dumbbells can be a better choice.

It’s typically easier to isolate a muscle group using dumbbell training, so then you can focus on building weight with just that single muscle alone.


Kettlebells are a must-have piece of equipment for anyone into fitness

All in all, it really depends on your goals here. For those who just want to be strong overall, Kettlebell training can be a superior choice.

Improved Balance And Agility

Kettlebell training is also going to bring you great benefits in terms of core strength, balance, and agility.

Kettlebell exercises tend to involve a good amount of momentum and where there’s momentum, there needs to be core strength to control this.

As you perform your Kettlebell swings for instance, your abs will contract hard as you near the top of the movement to help you reverse directions and bring the Kettlebell back down again.

As you do this, you’ll also put your balance and agility to the test as well.

Few dumbbell exercises will do this comparatively, so that’s another area where Kettlebell training shines.

Easier For Home Workouts

Finally, the last big benefit that you’ll derive with Kettlebell training is the fact that you typically won’t need as many different weight levels with kettlebells compared to dumbbells.

With dumbbells, you’ll need 2.5kg plates, 5’s, 7.5’s, 10’s etc– all depending on your strength level.

Chances are you’ll need a different weighted dumbbell for just about every exercise you do.

With Kettlebells however, typically one or two weight levels will serve you well until you see good strength gains and progress up to the next level.

For this reason, if you are looking to set up a home gym and minimise the amount of equipment you need, Kettlebells may be a smarter option.

These are a few benefits that kettlebell training brings. There’s no right or wrong here, only a better option for you personally.