Get A Six Pack With These Diet Tips

Six Pack Diet Abs

Getting that six pack starts with the right diet

If you’re looking to get six pack abs, there’s one thing that you must be focusing on at all times. Your diet.

Too many people put much of the focus on their workout routine and while there’s no questioning the fact that ab exercises you do will make a strong difference in the results you see, diet comes out above.

If your diet is not on track, you won’t be moving any closer to getting six pack abs.

So this said, what is the best diet to use? Let’s go over some of the options available.

The Low Carb Diet

The best diet for six pack abs is going to be a lower carb approach.

This approach will not only control hunger best of all the diets you could be using, but in addition to that, it also helps ramp up the total rate of body fat utilisation.

The low carb diet makes it easier to maintain a reduced calorie intake and when designed properly, can also help to stabilise blood sugar as well.

With your blood sugar stable, this means less insulin fluctuations throughout the day, which also means less potential fat storage.

Taking Progress One Step Further

Now, you can see even better results if you take things one step further.

While you could do a standard low carb diet, eating a reduced carb intake all day long every day, the issue with that is that eventually your metabolic rate will begin to slow down.

This is why adding the occasional high carb meal into the mix is beneficial.

It’ll help provide extra energy, restore muscle glycogen, and shock your body so your metabolic rate speeds up.

6 Pack Diet

The right training with the right nutrition at the right time can pop that 6 pack!

To do this, simply pick the best times to add these high carb meals, which will be right after your most intense workout sessions.

Choose two or three of these workouts (typically after a leg workout or a heavy chest or back workout) and consume around 50-100 grams of carbs in that one meal.

Choose wholesome natural carb sources such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, or wild rice.

These are the only carbs (other than fruits and vegetables) that you should be putting into your body.

Then once this meal is over, you can go back to your normal low carb eating protocol.

If you find that you struggle with energy for the workouts themselves, you can also consider adding another higher carb meal containing 25 grams or so immediately before the workout session as well.

Before and after the workout is when your body is most likely to use those carbs as a fuel source.

The Importance Of Food Quality

Finally, let’s not forget the factor of food quality. In addition to choosing only the carb sources outlined above, make sure that the other foods you eat are top quality as well.

This means lean proteins coming from grass fed animals, healthy nuts, seeds, and oils, as well as an abundance of fresh product.

Eliminate all white starches, sugars, dairy, and other processed foods from your diet plan.

While at the end of the day it is your calorie intake that determines whether you gain or lose weight, it’s the quality of foods you eat that determine whether the weight you lose is muscle mass or fat mass.

High quality foods will produce the fat loss you’re after.

So keep these diet tips in mind and structure your diet in this manner if you hope to see six pack abs.

Plan out what you’ll eat every weekend for the week that follows so there’s no guessing what’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner throughout the week.