What’s Hot In Fitness Watches In 2016?

Best Fitness Watches 2016

What are the best fitness watches in 2016?

Since Nike and Apple collaborated on the first fitness wearable designed to optimise performance, technology has evolved light years to develop products that have more features, compact and functionality.

From the Nike + iPod in 2006, wearables have evolved into portable devices that can be clipped on your garment or your wrist.

With the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, fitness watches have undergone their evolution.

The challenge is to find the best fitness watches for 2016.

The Popularity Of The Fitness Watch

The rising popularity of fitness watches is only attributable to their ability to track and record data.

Some models are able to merge fitness and lifestyle requirements.

The Apple Watch for example, has these unique features in addition to its fitness tracking functions:

•    Pay Bills Via Apple Pay
•    Portable Room Key In Designated Hotels
•    Passbook Integration
•    “Siri” The Virtual Assistant
•    All – In – One Remote Control Function

With this new generation of smart fitness watches the world is now on your wrist, not the palm of your hand!

The Benefits Of The Fitness Watch

For health and fitness enthusiasts, the focus is on how the best fitness watches of 2016 will deliver on their fitness tracking feature.

Among the health and fitness – related benefits of the fitness watch are as follows:

  • Provide Fitness Baseline – By tracking and recording your daily movements, the user gets an idea of the volume of physical activity undertaken. This baseline gives the user a reference point for improving the level of physical activity.
  • Collect Data On Various Functions – Fitness watches can collect data on heart rate, sleep and number of steps among others. For users with blood pressure problems having access to these types of information has life – saving benefits.
  • Merge Feature For Better Analysis – Fitness watches are compatible with various devices such as PCs, smart phones and the laptop. Some are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. This allows you to view and analyse data better.

Many of the fitness watches in the market have these features as standard functions.

Then there are other models that offer more functions and components. The choice will depend on your fitness needs.

The Best Fitness Watches For 2016

1.    Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS – This watch is the perfect fitness watch to outdoor trainers. It tracks interval workouts that have been customised according to your parameters.

One of the most accurate heart rate monitors among fitness watches on the market, this watch also has a programmable nutrition alarm.  AU$355.

2.    Motorola Actv – The ideal fitness watch for those who like to exercise within the confines of a gym. The Motorola Actv has personal training features and is also a music player.

Fitness Watches 2016

Isn’t it time to update your fitness watch?

It is one of the most user – friendly fitness watches in the market and can be worn on the wrist as well as an armband. It also has pre-defined workouts for more than 40 different sporting activities. AU$195.

3.    Polar RCX3 – One of the thinnest fitness watches in the market, the Polar RCX3 has a 0.4 – inch faced watch provides speed and heart rate data and gives post – training feedback as well. AU$435.

4.    Garmin Forerunner 910XT – This fitness watch is loaded with features that include heart rate and pace counter for runners and cyclists and stroke and distance counters for swimmers.

Perfect for those interested in the triathlon. Its wide face and display make it convenient to read. AU$580.

5.    Suunto Ambit – If you like the great outdoors and count trail running, climbing and other high- altitude sports among your activities, the Suunto Ambit is the fitness watch for you.

It is water resistant, has an accelerometer, 3D compass and an altimeter all housed in a rugged design. For and extra boost for your training, it also includes a recovery – time calculator. AU$645.

The Future Of The Fitness Watch

As consumers become more dedicated to the digital lifestyle expect the fitness watch to take center stage in the next generation of fitness wearables.

It is a device which serves to successfully integrate work, play, fitness and every other aspect of daily life in a light, compact frame.

The Apple Watch in 2015 is just the first step in the reinvention of the watch as we know it.

It will be exciting and interesting to know how much further the basic watch will evolve in the years ahead.

In the same way that the phone is no longer just a device for communication, the watch is no longer just a device for telling time.