Are You Aware Of This Important Component Of Health?

Health Secret

What’s this little-known component of good health?

Do you find that by day’s end, you just want to fall onto the couch and spend the last few hours of the night watching TV?

If hitting the gym is the last thing on your mind thanks to the high level of fatigue you experience on a regular basis, it’s time that you find a way to bring back your lost energy.

While most people have heard of the most common energy boosting tactics around – adding more protein to their day, avoiding sugar, sleeping more, and laying off caffeine, this one you might not have heard of before.

The technique?

Use better posture.

Let’s go over why this tends to help you have a more energised day.

Increased Oxygen Intake

The primary reason why this technique works and can help you boost your energy significantly is because it’s going to help increase the level of oxygen coming into the body.

When you are slouched over throughout the day, as many people are who work office jobs, you are getting very little oxygen into the body.

This not only impacts your muscular energy, but it can also impact your brain as well.

Without enough oxygen, you mentally may start finding you feel sluggish and aren’t processing thoughts as quickly as you normally do.

When you combine lack of mental energy with lack of physical energy, you are really in for problems ahead.

By sitting up straight, you allow for more air to move into the body easily, giving you the energising benefits it brings.

Improved Psychological State

The next reason to use better posture? It improves your psychological state.

One thing that many people do not fully understand is the fact that your mind and body are intricately entwined. If you are mentally tired, it is going to make you feel physically tired as well.

When you sit up straight however, you’ll find that you not only feel more confident, you feel more alert and ready to tackle whatever your day brings.

This in turn helps boost your mental energy, which then leads to greater physical energy.

This may seem like an odd connection, but think about those days when you’re feeling great, being productive, and at your best.  Now think about how your posture was?

Posture at Desk

The right posture can bring increased energy to your mind and body

Now compare that to a day when you were at your worst. You were tired and didn’t feel much like doing anything.

How was your posture then?

That should clearly illustrate the power of posture.

Putting This Into Practice

So how can you put this into practice?  The best way to begin improving your posture is to put a timer on your desk and have it go off every hour. As it does, check your posture.

Are you sitting as upright as possible?  To help ensure you are, use these three steps.

1.    First, picture a string is tied to your head and is pulling it upwards.  This will help pull you into a more upright position.
2.    Next, squeeze your abdominal core, sucking in your stomach.  This will immediately shift your spinal column so it’s in the proper alignment.
3.    Take a large deep breath in, thinking of lifting up the chest as you do.

Notice the posture you are in.  Now hold this for as long as possible.

If you do this each time that timer on your desk goes off, you will soon be automatically using better posture as you go about your day – no thought required.

So don’t overlook the importance of great posture. Start sitting upright today and you will see what a difference this can make.