Vegetarians… Are You Missing Out On These Important Supplements?

Supplements for Vegetarians

Supplementing is recommended for Vegetarians to ensure adequate dietary intake

If you’re leading a vegetarian lifestyle, it’s important that you have an awareness on the major vitamins and minerals you may be falling short on.

Vegetarians can be just as healthy as meat eaters provided they take care to ensure they aren’t falling short on a few key nutrients.

Let’s go over the best supplements that all vegetarians should consider including in their protocol plan to keep healthy.

Protein Powder

The first supplement you’ll want to consider is a quality protein powder.

Now, you may instantly think protein powder is not an option since it’s made from whey, which is a derivative of dairy.

But hold on to that thought.  You can also find hemp protein, pea protein, brown rice protein as well as soy protein powder, all of which will work fine for the vegetarian.

As getting enough protein can be tricky when using this lifestyle, this can really go a long way towards helping out.

Take note that men should lean more towards using hemp protein powder over soy protein powder as too much soy intake as a man may decrease testosterone levels and cause an increase in female sex hormones instead.

One additional great thing about hemp protein powder is that it’ll also supply you with some omega-3 fatty acids, which will go a long way towards promoting optimal health.


The next supplement you’ll want to consider is calcium.  Unless you are eating dairy as part of your diet plan (which lacto-vegetarians do), you’ll likely be falling short in this bone-building nutrient.

Adding a supplement can give you the assurance you need. While you could turn to calcium fortified orange juice, this will be very high in sugar content and simply isn’t ideal for anyone on their diet plan.

And while you’re at it, consider adding vitamin D as well.  This is one vitamin that all individuals should supplement with, vegetarian or not as most people simply don’t get enough in their daily diet and unless you have a high direct sunlight exposure, chances are you’re falling short.


Iron is the next nutrient on the list to be focusing on if you’re a vegetarian. Iron is important for keeping you energised as you go about your workouts and for speeding recovery between workout sessions.

But yet, the best form of iron to take in is found in red meat foods, something that clearly is not making its way into your diet plan.

The solution?  Supplementation.  Adding a quality iron product will help you get past any deficiency issues.

Vegetarian Supplements

Adding the right supplements is essential for balanced health


Moving along, zinc is the next supplement to consider as a vegetarian.

While you can find zinc in some vegetarian-friendly foods, it does tend to be highly concentrated in animal foods and as such, you should be aware you may be seeing deficiency.

Zinc is important for sustaining high energy levels during exercise as well as for boosting fertility, improving your immune system strength, and for keeping your heart healthy.

All in all, it’s one nutrient you definitely don’t want to be missing out on.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is the other supplement that you’ll want to be taking into account with your nutritional intake.

Vitamin B12 almost exclusively found in animal based products, so as a vegetarian, you won’t be taking it in at all.

It’s important for keeping your metabolism strong and also helps with the proper maintenance of the central nervous system.

Adding a supplement will help prevent you from falling short.

So there you have a closer look at the few key supplements that all vegetarians should be considering.  Are these in your line-up of products?