Getting Bigger Requires These 5 Things…

Build Muscle

Constantly adding more weight is essential for building muscle

Looking to build some lean muscle mass? If so, it’s important that you take note of some of the proven ‘laws’ of the game.

Far too many people approach their muscle building goal without a firm sense of direction or a program in place, only to find that they just don’t see the results they’re looking for.

Let’s look at the five laws of muscle building that you need to know to get things started off.

Law #1: Maintain A Calorie Surplus

If there’s one thing you absolutely must do to build muscle, it’s to eat in a calorie surplus. It’s really that simple.

If you don’t provide extra energy over and beyond your normal requirements, you just can’t expect your body to build up new lean muscle mass.

Aim to eat anywhere between 200-500 calories more per day.

Law #2: Challenge Yourself With Weight

The second law to know is that you must challenge yourself with weight.

While it’s great to do more reps, more sets, and take shorter rest periods between those sets as ways of boosting the intensity, nothing is going to help build muscle faster than simply raising the weight on the bar.

This needs to be number one. Focus on this first and foremost and you’ll be seeing greater success.

Law #3: Get Some Rest

The next law is to make sure that you honour your rest time.  Don’t skip rest thinking that hitting the gym for another session will get you further.  It won’t.

If you aren’t resting, you aren’t growing.  This is another rule just like the first one.

You simply can’t grow if you don’t have that recovery time to build the new muscle.  If you’re working out seven days a week, when are you recovering?

You should have at least one full day off each week for rest, if not two or three. Learn your body.

Build Muscle

Remember that growth requires rest so enjoy some off time too

Some people simply need more rest time than others and it will pay to listen to what your body needs.

Law #4: Focus On Compound Movements

The next law that you need to know pertains to the exercise selection you choose.

If you really want to build maximum muscle, you’ll want to opt for compound exercises as often as you possibly can.

These moves are going to allow you to lift more weight overall, seeing faster strength gains and muscle building success.

This isn’t to say you can’t add in those bicep curls, lateral raises, and leg extensions, but they should come as an afterthought, not form the foundation of your workout program.

Law #5: Be Patient

Finally, the last law is to make sure that you remain patient. Building muscle doesn’t happen overnight, as much as some guys would like to believe.

Don’t let yourself get impatient if you aren’t up five kilos after the first week.

Most trainees would be lucky to gain 1-2 kilos of lean muscle per month with solid training and a proper diet. Some may get even less than this.

That means you aren’t going to see a dramatic transformation in the mirror where it seems like you get larger almost overnight.

If you adjust your expectations so they are more in tune with reality, you won’t be as tempted to just drop off the plan entirely after the first week or two when you aren’t liking what you see.

Persist and stay committed. If you work hard, the results will come.

So keep these muscle building laws in mind as you go through your program. If you are currently not following all of these, make some changes so that you are.