Need A Post-Workout Supplement To Speed Recovery?

Post Workout Recovery

Looking for a post-workout supplement to boost recovery?

If you’re looking into some of the available workout supplements out there, one that you might have come across, either on its own, or in conjunction with other ingredients in a blended product is Glutamine.

What is Glutamine and is it beneficial for you to use?

Let’s go over some information that you’ll want to know about this particular product.

What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine itself is a form of amino acid that is found naturally in some foods, primarily meat. 

However, while you do take it in through your diet, you often won’t take in levels that are sufficient enough to really make a long-term difference in workout performance.  This is why supplementation is often utilised.

What Are The Benefits To Using Glutamine?

One of the most important benefits to note is that it can help increase your muscular recovery between workout sessions.

It does this by speeding up the repair process of damaged muscle cells, leading you to grow back stronger than you were before.

This in turn can accelerate the level of muscle growth taking place.

It’s also often used during periods of heavy dieting when tissue breakdown is more likely to occur.

By supplementing with Glutamine, you can reduce the chances that you see lean muscle mass loss.

Glutamine may also help keep your hormonal levels in a good place, tilting the scale in favor of more lean muscle mass building as well.

This includes optimising growth hormone as well as managing insulin and cortisol.

Finally, Glutamine is also important for boosting your immune system.

Those who are recovering from serious illnesses as well as burns are often given Glutamine as a supplement as it can boost their immune reaction, helping the body recover more quickly than without.

As strenuous exercise is a large stressor on your immune system, by adding Glutamine, you help manage this stress.

Are There Any Side Effects?


Glutamine is popular as it can speed up muscle repair in between workouts

So all of this said, are there any side effects to taking Glutamine? Most people report feeling fine while using the product.

Some, when using larger doses, may begin to suffer from diarrhea, which then indicates that the dosage should be reduced.

Likewise, some people may also find that taking too much Glutamine is going to lead to them struggling to fall asleep at night, so monitor your dose if this is becoming an issue for you.

Taking Glutamine Effectively

Now that you know what Glutamine does, how should you take it for best results?

The best way to take Glutamine is immediately after your workout session when your body begins the heavy repair process as well as immediately before bed.

As you go into a deep phase of tissue recovery overnight, having that extra Glutamine in your system will help out with the rebuilding and recovery process.

If you start to notice side effects however, you may choose to cut out the dose before bed.  Taking it just after a workout will be sufficient for you.

Aim to take in five to ten grams per dose depending on your overall tolerance level as well as how heavy your workout sessions are.

The heavier the sessions, the more Glutamine you’ll need to help bring you back to a full recovery level.

So there you have the main factors to know and remember about Glutamine.

If you are working hard during your workout, it’s one product that may help give you that extra edge with your recovery.