Why Routine Brings Results

Exercise Routine

Having a regular routine to exercise is half way to success!

Looking to achieve enhanced health and fitness? If so, you need to do away with your bad habits and replace them with ones that are much more conducive to success.

The number one reason why many people don’t reach their end goals is simply because they can’t break those bad habits.

Whether it’s eating at night in front of the TV, sitting too long during the day, skipping workouts, or munching when they don’t even realise it, bad habits tend to stick.

It’ll take a high amount of effort on your part to break them, but the good news is that with some smart techniques, it can be done.

Let’s go over what you should consider when it comes to breaking those old habits and building new ones.

Utilise Replacements

First, rather than stopping a bad habit, always consider replacing it with a better one.  For instance, if you eat chips while watching TV at night, replace that with some low sugar yogurt or raw vegetables.

If you simply avoid eating, your brain’s going to feel very off.  If you eat something else, you may still feel different, but it’ll be far more tolerable.

Plus, you’ll immediately have built a new habit as you are already in the routine of eating.

Get Into Routine

Workout Schedule

Working out at the same time every day will make it easier to commit to

Speaking of routine, that’s the next point.  Be sure that you create routines as often as possible when building a new habit.

For instance, if your habit is to exercise daily, try and do so at the same time each day.  By doing so, it’ll eventually feel automatic when that time of day rolls around.

If you schedule it for a different time each day, you’ll need to put more conscious effort into getting it done.

Give Yourself Rewards

It’s also a good idea to get into the routine of giving yourself rewards.  Set goals for yourself and upon reaching them, give yourself a reward for doing so.

These rewards don’t need to be large, but they do need to be important to you.

The one caveat to remember with this is that you should only get the reward if you do actually accomplish what you set out to do.  Don’t dish out the reward for ‘effort’ if you failed to reach that end goal.

You must see success in order to qualify for it otherwise it’ll lose its motivational power after so long.

Do It For 21 Days Straight

Finally, try and create a new habit and do it for 21 days straight. This is about the time it will take for it to become ingrained in your mental processing and for you to keep doing it for the long haul.

21 days, or 3 weeks, is when you will need to focus more on making sure that you are doing that habit and after that, you can relax. Your mind and body will know what to do.

At that point, you can then begin working on a new habit that you want to form.

Just note that you should avoid starting new habits before that 21 day period is up.  If you have too many on the go at once, the chances you see success with any one will be lower.

So keep these points in mind as you try and create new, healthier habits for yourself. The more routine you can make these habits, the easier they are going to be to keep and maintain for the long haul.

Realise that set backs may occur, but the sooner you can get back up and on track again, the less those set-backs are going to impact you.