The Dangers Of Trans Fats In Your Diet

Biscuits Trans Fats

Check labels for trans fats in foods like biscuits

As you go about making improvements to your diet plan and trying to optimise your body composition, one type of fat that you need to know about and be careful with in your diet is trans fats.

You may have heard of these before but don’t really know exactly what they are.

Let’s give you a brief primer on trans fats so that you know why they don’t belong in your diet plan.

What Are Trans Fats?

Trans fats are a man-made type of fat and they occur whenever a particular oil undergoes a process of hydrogenation.

In this process, an extra hydrogen atom is being added to the molecular structure of the fat, changing how it reacts in the body.

Many food manufacturers use trans fats in their foods because it can help enhance the texture and consistency of the food, while also increasing its shelf life.

For those who are selling food products on the open market, this is clearly a highly appealing factor.

What Trans Fats Do

So now that you know what trans fats are, what do they do?  The big problem with trans fats is because they aren’t natural for the body, they’re going to put you at risk for a number of health threats.

First, they’re linked to increase inflammation. This means that eating these fats could put you at risk for other conditions such as arthritis and autoimmune conditions.

In addition to this, they’ll also increase your overall risk-factor for cancer.

These trans fats really are toxic to your system and your body has absolutely no requirement for them at all.

Finally, they’re also going to increase the chances that you develop heart disease.

These fats will begin to clog your arteries and will make your cholesterol level increase.  If you have heart problems in your family, they are definitely a fat to avoid.

Pizza Trans Fats

Avoid frozen pizza which is full of dangerous trans fats

Trans Fat Foods

As you can see, there are many reasons why trans fats shouldn’t belong in your diet plan. But where are they found?

You’ll most often find trans fats in highly processed foods along with fast food.

They’ll be found in snack like items like crackers and cookies and can also be seen in the frozen section, found in puff pastries, frozen pizza’s and other foods of the like.

If you hit a drive-thru at your local fast food restaurant, you can be sure you’re getting trans fats there.

Likewise, they’ll also be found in deep fried foods you might be eating such as nachos, French fries, or other similar items.

All in all, trans fats are most likely to be found in foods that you shouldn’t be eating in the first place.

If you focus on sticking with a natural diet that’s been provided by mother nature, you shouldn’t have to worry much about trans fats as your intake will already be low.

But, do still make a habit of reading nutritional labels. If you ever see the words ‘partially hydrogenated vegetable oil’, this is a food you should not be eating.

It will take a conscious effort on your part to pay attention to this, but it’s definitely worth your time.

So make sure that trans fats aren’t sneaking into your diet protocol.

Have a good look at what you’re eating on a regular basis and if there’s a chance they’re coming into the picture, make sure that you take the necessary steps to remove them.