Get Fit And Strong With This Kick Butt Beach Workout

Beach Workout

Take your workout to the beach and add some sand resistance to your workout!

Looking for a fast way to get in shape or stay in shape during summer? If so, look no further than a beach workout.

Taking your session to the beach can make for a perfect way to push your muscles harder, all while catching some rays.

Let’s look at what goes into designing the ultimate beach workout and then give you a workout program you can push your body to the limit with.

The Overall Workout Set-Up

To set this workout up, you’ll want to do a combination of strength training exercises along with cardio-based exercises.

This will give you the best results for your time invested as you’ll not only be burning fat quickly, but also gaining great muscular strength in the process.

Alternate between the two, doing cardio intervals while you let your muscles rest and recover from the strength training exercise just performed.

Selecting Your Exercises

To select your exercises, you’ll want to choose those that will use the sand as added resistance.

For instance, push-ups work great as you’ll need to use more core activation to keep you balanced and stable.

Likewise, mountain climbers will work for a cardio move as you’ll remain stationary on the ground.

Burpees however will want to be avoided as with the instability of the sand, these could lead to ankle rollovers and injury.

Avoid any specific jumping exercises for this session. Running on the sand is fine, but jumping is not.

To see best fat burning results, choose exercises that will target all the major muscles in the body, both the upper and lower.

The more muscle fibres you can work in any given session, the faster your overall rate of fat burning will be.

Accounting For Rest And Recovery

Finally, you’ll also want to be sure that you account for rest and recovery.

You want to keep your rest time minimised during this workout session to keep your heart rate up and produce the spike in metabolism that will lead to ongoing fat burning for the rest of the day.

One minute rest intervals added after every few exercises should be perfect to keep your heart rate up while still keeping you focused and feeling strong enough to continue.

The Ultimate Beach Workout

Below you’ll find your ultimate beach workout program.

Keep in mind that this workout can be done two to three times per week, taking at least one day off between sessions.

Beginners can do one round of the workout while more advanced individuals should be able to perform two to three rounds of it before finishing with the jog and cool down.

Remember that just because you aren’t in the gym does not mean you can neglect form as well.

Still ensure you are using proper form the entire way through this circuit.

If your form goes at any time, stop and rest and only pick back up once you can maintain good form once again.

Beach Workouts

A beach workout is a great way to bring variety into your fitness plan

Beach Workout

5 minutes jogging (warm-up)

15 Push Ups
15 Running High Knees
25 Metre Sprint
30 Second Plank Hold
15 Triangle Push Ups
15 Walking Lunges (15 reps/leg)
25 Metre Sprint
Rest 1 minute
60 Second Side Plank Hold (30 seconds per side)
15 Crab Walks (15 steps with each hand)
15 Bicycle Crunches
25 Metre Sprint
15 Mountain Climbers (15 reps/leg)
15 Bodyweight Squats
15 Lying Leg Raises

10 minutes jogging (cool-down)
5 minutes light stretching