Feeling Flat? Try These 5 Energy Boosters…

Energy Foods

Add these 5 high energy foods to your daily diet rather than turning to sugary man made snacks

Looking to get a jump-start in your day? If so, it’s important that you consider which energy boosting foods will help you manage your busy day to day life.

Start your day off with foods that tend to fizzle an hour after you eat them and the last thing you’ll feel like doing is tackling what you have ahead.

Fortunately, with a few simple swaps of common foods you may be eating, you can get on a better path and start eating for energy enhancement.

Let’s look at the five best energy boosting foods to add to your day.


The first great energy booster? Bananas.  Bananas earn top marks for enhancing energy because not only are they going to provide a slight dose of simple carbs from the natural fruit sugars they contain, but they’ll also provide some starch as well.

This starch digests far more slowly in the body, giving you an even release as you go about your day.

The translation is energy to come for hours.  At around 100-130 calories per banana depending on the size, you simply can’t go wrong.  Take note that the greener the banana, the slower digesting it will be.


Another great energy booster is beans.  Beans are a rich source of dietary fibre, complex carbohydrate, and protein – all three nutrients that ensure you maintain energy for the long haul.

The great thing about beans is that because they provide some protein, you can eat these completely on their own and get a balanced meal or snack in.

Few foods allow for this.  Beans also provide a very hefty source of potassium as well, which is important for ongoing muscular contractions.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are next up on the list of great foods to eat that will help to combat hunger, provide energy, and nourish your body.

Sweet potatoes, despite their sweet taste, aren’t all that high in sugar and instead will provide slow digesting starch that keeps you fueled no matter what your day brings.

Sweet potatoes can actually help to balance out your blood glucose levels, so are ideal for those who may be concerned with their blood sugar or worried about diabetes (or currently suffering).

Adding a little cinnamon to your sweet potatoes is even better as the cinnamon can slow digestion even further, while enhancing their taste.

Mashed, baked, or even simply microwaved, sweet potatoes should be a part of your day.



Chickpeas are a great energy source with a good balance of vitamins and minerals

Chickpeas are next up on the energy boosting foods list. Just like beans, these also tend to be a very balanced food.

They provide a good source of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, protein, and also offer up a good dose of healthy fats as well.

For those watching their carbohydrate intake, chickpeas are a slightly better option than beans due to this difference in fat and carb counts.

Preparing a batch of home-made hummus and serving it with some sliced vegetables makes for a great mid-afternoon energy boosting snack.


Which now brings us to the last energy boosting food on our list – lentils.

Lentils are another well balanced carbohydrate source and while they are low in fat, they will provide some important protein that you need to function optimally.

Lentils are excellent for reducing your cholesterol levels and helping promote optimal heart health.  Serve them up with beans or on their own – your choice.

So keep these top energy boosting foods in mind. If you can include them at some point during the day, you can reap the benefits they have to offer.