Try Unicycling For The Ultimate In Fun And Fitness!


Unicycle your way to fitness and core strength!

The unicycle, which has been mostly used by circus artists in the past, has had a very interesting makeover in the last years.

From the MUnis, or mountain unicycle, to the GUnis you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

The History Of The Unicycle

The history of the unicycle is intertwined with the story of its cousin the bicycle.

The ancestor of the unicycle and the bicycle was first developed in the beginning of the eighteenth century by a Frenchman called Comte de Sivrac.

The celerifere, as it was called at the time, was shaped like a wooden horse on two wheels. A steering system was later added to improve the celerifere.

Finally, in 1839, the Scotsman Kirkpatrick Macmillan added the pedal. Again made out of wood, this time the bicycle as he named it, had bigger a back wheel and a small front wheel.

It is said that the unicycle itself, naturally evolved from the penny-farthing, or ‘ordinary’, in the late nineteenth century.

The penny-farthing, which was very popular at the time, had a big front wheel and a much smaller wheel in the back.

Some found it more convenient to ride only the front wheel and saddle of the penny-farthing as it was deemed safer at the time. They ditched the back wheel and handlebars, and so the unicycle was born.

Benefits Of A Unicycle


Unicycle for adventure just about anywhere!

Unicycle is not just great for the body but also for the mind.

Koreans believe Unicycling improves health as well as intelligence as it improves brain function.

Balance is an essential skill while Unicycling and therefore it is the perfect way to improve your balance, coordination and motor skills at the same time.

It is a great cardiovascular exercise as you unicycle your way up that hill. Also, it is easier on your joints and ligaments than running for example.

It will not only tone your legs and buttocks, but will also work your core.  Therefore, it is the perfect alternative in addition to your usual exercise routine or visit to the gym.

Additionally, you will always learn something new while Unicycling. So, as your confidence grows, you will never get bored because you can always learn something new.

Learning to unicycle can be challenging at first and a real balancing act. However, once you find your sweet spot it is very rewarding and a real boost for your confidence.

It will greatly improve your outlook in your private as well as your professional life and you will feel anything is possible.

Plus, unicycling is also good for the environment as the unicycle is made out of fewer parts than a bicycle!

How To Get Started

If you already have a unicycle but do not know where to start, try with the help from two friends standing on each side of you, to give you support until you find your balance as you practice more and more on a regular basis.

Unicycle Australia

Join a local unicycle club for regular meets and group fun!

Find out your local Unicycling club as it is the best way to learn and they will have unicycles you can try before you decide to purchase one.

It is a great way to meet like-minded spirits, share tips and keep improving your skills.

The Unicycling community will welcome all newcomers with open arms and will give you the words of encouragement you need to get started and keep getting better!

Plus you will certainly receive a lot of attention and put a lot of smiles on people’s faces in the streets while Unicycling.

Every year, there is a social gathering for unicyclists in Australia called Uninats.

You can find all the details on the Australian Unicycling Society’s website.

Checkout the Australian Unicycling Society, and start mingling with other unicyclists in your area.