Be Diet Smart And Avoid These 4 Fad Diets

Grapefruit Diet

The Grapefruit diet is just one of many fad diets to avoid

Wondering which of the many weight loss diets you should try if you want to reach your goal body weight?

With the hundreds of different weight loss approaches out there, it can be hard to know right from wrong.

But there are certainly a few specific diets that you really must side-step.

These fad diets are not built on lasting health and will only set you up for problems down the road.

Let’s go over what these are and explain briefly why they are not ideal.

The Grapefruit Diet

The first diet is one that’s quite well-known and often claimed to unlock the secret to true fat loss.

The grapefruit diet works off the concept that grapefruits possess a special compound called naringin that ramps up the metabolic rate, allowing you to see fast results.

And while grapefruits do contain less sugar than most fruits, a high dose of fibre, and are low in calories, that’s about the extent of their special ‘powers’, so to speak.

This fruit does have plenty of antioxidants and may provide a slight edge for your metabolism, but it won’t magically burn off those extra kilos.

If you look at the rest of this diet apart from eating grapefruits, it’s quite unhealthy as it’s too low in calories and not balanced at all, so stay away from this diet.

The Berstein Diet

Next you have the Berstein diet plan.  This diet plan promises rapid weight loss results and once again, is not an ideal option for someone who is trying to lose weight.

The fact that it averages around $600 a month to do is enough to put most people off, never mind that you only eat 800-1000 calories per day while doing it.

You’ll be hard pressed to reach your nutritional intake on that low of calories so expect to suffer nutritional deficiency if you go this route.

The Slim Fast Diet

The Slim Fast diet is another problem diet that you’ll want to avoid.

Diet Foods

For any diet, stick with whole foods that provide you with balanced nutrition

While this diet does encourage you to eat one healthy meal each day, which is great, the problem is that the other meals are replaced with ready to drink shakes.

And while these may contain some protein, they aren’t giving you much real nutrition.

Not to mention the fact they aren’t teaching you how to plan a healthy diet for the long term.

You want a diet plan that helps you see how you can eat right and maintain your weight loss for life.  The Slim Fast Diet just won’t do this.

The Special K Diet

Which brings us to the next problematic weight loss diet, the Special K diet.

This one as well has you eating one main meal a day (typically dinner) and then having a bowl of cereal for your other meals.

Even the cereal itself isn’t all that healthy. While Special K cereal is quite low in calories, it doesn’t provide much fibre, nutrients, or even keep you all that satisfied.

All in all, the Special K diet is not a realistic approach to weight loss or a balanced diet.

They may have cereal bars out now that you can eat as well, but take a look at that ingredient label and you’ll soon realise those bars are anything but natural, healthy food.

So steer clear of these diets to achieve your weight loss goals.

Stick to a plan that revolves around real food with a moderate calorie intake and you’ll do much better while promoting long term health as well.