Build Muscle The Easy Way With These Top Exercises

Squats Exercise

Squats are an absolute must for building muscle and triggering growth hormone within the body

Wondering what exercises you should be including in your workout program to help take your muscle building up a notch?

With literally hundreds of different workout programs to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one is really going to yield maximum results.

And, there will always be a personal factor.

Some people may respond better to certain workout programs than others, so learning your own body is critical to ensuring top results.

That said, there are some exercises that do tend to produce rapid muscle gains no matter what program they are placed into.

Learning these exercises can help you best choose that workout routine that will take you where you want to go.

Let’s look at the best exercises for fast muscle gains.


First you have squats. Few exercises are better than squats when it comes to developing sheer muscular strength.

Squats are going to hit every single muscle group in the lower body, while also working the core as well.

Squatting heavy is an excellent way to develop strength and power, while also improving your mental strength and tenacity as well.

Those who push through a heavy set of squats, managing the fatigue that builds up, will find they are far more easily able to push through other exercises too.

Clean And Press

Next up you have the clean and press. This one, similar to squats, works a wide variety of different muscle groups.

With the clean and press, you’ll hit the lower body as well as the upper body, while the core helps to keep you stabilised as you go about the exercise.

The clean and press is often done in powerlifting workouts, so this fact alone tells you it’s great for gaining muscular strength.

As you gain muscular strength, this will eventually translate to muscular size provided you are eating a higher calorie diet plan.


Deadlifts are the next compound exercise to make the list of moves to do for fast muscle gain.

Deadlifts also target the lower body, but also bring the lower back into play to a much greater degree.

Deadlift Exercise

Build your glutes, hamstrings and strengthen your lower back with deadlifts

While squats are primarily for your legs, deadlifts can be trained on either a lower body day or a back day depending on what you prefer.

Deadlifts are great for increasing explosive power, so those interested in getting faster for any sports they may play will also want to consider adding these to their workout protocol.

As deadlifts are very taxing, avoid doing them on the same day you are doing squats however.

Both of these moves will require maximum CNS output, so you’ll want to be at your freshest going in.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells can offer many benefits that Dumbbells can’t for certain training strategies

The kettlebell swing is an exercise that’s popular for total body activation.

This swing, when done with a heavy kettlebell, will also work the lower body as well as the upper body and core.

As you will be working against gravity while swinging the weight up, it provides an excellent level of resistance that will help promote muscle growth.

This is also a good exercise for increasing your metabolic rate, so can help assist fat burning as you perform it.

Those who want to get leaner and larger will benefit from the kettlebell swing.

Bench Press

Last but not least you have the bench press. As far as upper body exercises go, this one can’t be beat.

Barbell Bench Press

Keep your lower back flat on the bench at all times during your barbell bench press

The bench press is great for hitting your chest, shoulders, as well as the triceps and even the biceps to a small degree as well.

Do this exercise during a full body workout or at the start of your upper body training day.

These are just a few of the best exercises to help build muscle quickly.

If you want fast mass gains, make sure that these are in your protocol.