What is Calisthenics and How Can It Work For Me?


Calisthenics can be done just about anywhere and the only weights you’ll need is your own body

Calisthenics is the latest rage and even you have never heard of it, you have probably tried it without realising!

This form of strength training uses your own bodyweight to improve strength, cardiovascular performance, endurance, flexibility and is also a powerful tool for losing body fat.

It is probably the most basic form of training and has long been used by the military and law enforcement simply because of how effective it is.

Squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, dips and sit-ups are all examples of basic calisthenics exercises that can be done almost anywhere with little or no equipment.

Here is why so many people are going back to bodyweight workouts and seeing the benefits!

You Will Work Your Whole Body

When your body is your gym it is difficult to isolate and target single muscles.

Instead, calisthenics focuses on using compound exercises to burn more calories, build more strength and develop coordination in a shorter period of time.

Take the burpee as an example; this movement uses your chest, arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings all while raising your heart rate to improve your cardiovascular ability.

If you are short of time, why not work everything all at once?

You Will Improve Your Overall Fitness And Health

By focusing on holistic movements, calisthenics allows you to simultaneously improve the performance of your whole body.

You will build muscle and strength from using your own bodyweight as resistance to perform a variety of exercises for increasing repetitions over increasing progressions.

Coordination is also developed through the need to control multiple muscle groups during a single exercise.

Calisthenics often involves circuit training and working until fatigue resulting in improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

This work can also be performed at high intensity, increasing your heart rate and cardiovascular fitness.

In addition to this, calisthenics promotes the use of a full range of motion meaning that you will be required to move your body to its maximum, improving your flexibility and posture.

Great For Weight Loss And Management

Using more muscles also means burning more calories so performing compound exercises such as those involved in calisthenics will result in greater weight loss.

Many of these exercises can also be performed at high intensity, raising your heart rate and increasing the amount of energy used.

Having more muscle raises your metabolic rate so by focusing on increasing strength and muscle mass, your body will be primed to continue to burn more calories even after you have finished your workout!

What is Calisthenics

Compound exercises like pushups build strength in multiple muscle groups simultaneously

Exercises Can Be Modified To Suit All Abilities

While advanced calisthenics exercises such as the flag and one-armed handstand push-ups are often used as impressive displays of strength, calisthenics can easily be modified to suit anyone!

You can start doing push-ups from your knees, then move to your feet and move on to clapping push-ups and single handed push-ups once you have mastered those. You won’t get bored!

Calisthenics Is A Low Cost Option

The beauty of bringing your training back to basics is that it doesn’t cost much!

Although you might want a pull-up bar or a skipping rope, the majority of calisthenics exercises can be performed anywhere with nothing but yourself.

No need for an expensive gym membership, just hit the park in your lunch break, work it out in the sun at the beach or in your living room before breakfast.

Calisthenics is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and health so no matter what you goals are, get out there and give it a go today!