What Is HIIT And Is It For Me?

What Is HIIT

Try a HIIT workout to boost cardiovascular health and burn fat

Want to HIIT it and get results?

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is one of the most effective ways to improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat!

It is essentially a form of short, intense cardiovascular exercise that involves alternating periods of intense work followed by short periods of rest.

You don’t need to work longer to improve your health and fitness, work harder and smarter.

The benefits are being seen by so many people so how can it work for you?

1. High Intensity = A Strong, Lean Figure

By working at an intense rate for a short period of time you create a metabolic demand that is optimal for fat loss and continues to burn calories long after you have finished working out!

In addition to this, common exercises used in HIIT workouts such as squats, pull-ups and kettlebell swings promote the development of muscle.

They also elevate HGH (human growth hormone) levels which help to burn excess fat and preserve muscle to create a lean and toned look.

Using HIIT style workouts coupled with a healthy diet is the ideal way for you to achieve your weight loss goals!

2. HIIT Will Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

Are you bored with your training? Have you reached a plateau with your weight loss?

Haven’t seen an improvement in your fitness for a while? HIIT training is a great tool to kick-start you into getting results again!

There are so many different types of HIIT programs and exercises that can be incorporated that you can do something different every single day.

Your body gets bored too and adapts to your current training program reducing its benefits.

By incorporating variety into your training program you can keep challenging your body, pushing it to adapt to an increased pace, weight and repetition load improving your strength and cardiovascular capability.

3. HIIT Is Ideal For People Who Don’t Have Much Time

High intensity interval training is efficient!

HIIT Exercises

Squat hold could be an exercise to do in between two other more intense exercises in a HIIT workout

By working at a harder rate you will burn more calories in the same amount of time than you would training at a steady state.

It is also an ideal style of workout to be done almost anywhere; in the gym, at home, at the beach or in the park meaning that you don’t have any excuses!

4. HIIT Is Suitable For All Ages And Ability Levels

Although HIIT training used to be primarily used by athletes, it has been growing in popularity due to the fact that HIIT creates unrivalled results for anyone!

You can start off by doing just one or two HIIT workouts each week and adapt the duration, repetitions and weight used to suit your ability level.

The ultimate thing about using intensity to give you results is that your own fitness level will dictate how fast you can move; the fitter you get, the faster you will move which will in turn, make you even fitter.

It is essentially a program that is written by and for you at whatever stage you are currently at.

5. HIIT Can Be Tailored To Your Fitness Goals

The variety that accompanies HIIT workouts allows you to customise your sessions to your own fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight?

If so, focus on exercises that use the whole body and burn more calories such as burpees. Do you want to increase muscle mass?

If so, incorporate weighted exercises such as kettlebell swings. Are you training to improve your performance in sport?

If so, incorporate drills such as sprints, agility work or explosive exercises to see the benefits in your game.