Tips For Finding An Awesome Personal Trainer

Fitness is smoking hot today, with gym memberships soaring and Instagram followings growing. How to Choose a Personal Trainer

There are more active personal trainers in the industry than ever before, and the trend keeps growing.

Personal trainers not only give an extra push we all need sometimes, but quickly become your close friends, motivators and help to develop skills beyond imagination.

With all this though, nailing the right coach with an ideal fit to cater your needs and style can be quite a tricky task.

Here are some ideas on how to choose your very own personal trainer.

What Makes You Move?

As much there are trainers out there, there are different training styles to choose from.

Focus on the style you like – or think you might like. Most people are scared in taking the first step to gym.

So many weights, so many machines, but not sure how to use them all. This is where a personal trainer can give a good head start and an easy safe introduction.

If you feel motivated training by yourself on the machines, find a trainer in the gym you had always wanted to join, but just didn’t dare.

They are the ones who know the venue inside out, and understand the specific equipment and what it can do for you.

They can show you the right moves and progressions, as well as help you setting up with the right training programme, fit to that specific gym.

Want to get into weights and lifting? Wait no more, as weightlifting is more popular than ever.

Many trainers proudly showcase their specialties and certifications on Olympic lifting or bodybuilding.

From free weights to barbells, squats to deadlifts, they will be all on your list.

And for ladies, don’t worry about bulking up. Weights are an awesome way to jumpstart weight loss and tone your body.

Don’t fancy working out alone? The solution… “bootcamps”. These small group trainings are the perfect way to sweat together at awesome outdoor spaces such as parks and beaches.

As weather gets warmer, you might see many of these groups gathered in parks near you.

Bootcamps tend to combine lots of bodyweight exercises and small weights such as kettlebells and medicine balls for the extra burn. Choosing a Personal Trainer

Everyone can stick to their level of fitness and gradually build up strength and speed.

Or how about some boxing? The time of boxing sessions tucked away in dark alleys, are long gone, and boxing is seen not only as a place to release anger and stress, but to build up stamina with intense cardio sessions and lean muscle with bodyweight exercises.

Trainers take their customers to outdoor parks or gyms, to help you get moving quicker and stronger.

You won’t be seeing that terrifying boxing ring but get into focus pads and boxing gloves, to incorporate new coordinated moves.

You can choose anything from Thai to Kickboxing to regular boxing. Some of them even go into bootcamp mode where good sparring partners are always around.

Looking for working on general mobility and flexibility – check out trainers with qualifications in pilates, yoga or gymnastics.

All these specific disciples can be done in addition to strength building, stretching and mobility work.

How To Find The Perfect Personal Trainer

Word of mouth and referrals has been the traditional way to find personal trainers and who doesn’t appreciate some personal validation from a good mate?

Also try a google search for local personal trainers or try one of the many Apps available to search and review PT’s.

About The Author

Pummel.Fit allows you to select your goals and trainer preferences and then connects you straight with trusted and approved personal trainers in your local area using geo location. Find a PT

You can then take your time in the privacy of your own home, reviewing the top trainers close by.

Each trainer has a profile photo, some with videos, qualifications, achievements and training specialities. This way you can be sure you are finding a fitness expert with the skills and qualifications to help reach your goals.

Once you’re ready, click connect, request a call back or message them directly to arrange your first appointment.

Pummel allows you to log workouts and track progress photos to make sure you are getting the best out of your trainer.

So what are you waiting for, find a top personal trainer and start your fitness journey today.

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