Read This Before You Choose A Gym Buddy

Gym Buddy

Having a gym buddy to spot you can boost your gains

One of the best tips to help keep you accountable on your workout program and pushing your hardest at all times is to find yourself a good workout partner.

Working out in the company of another person helps to not only ensure that you show up to every session while also making it more enjoyable, but it can also help keep you safe as you move through your protocol, while helping you hit personal bests you otherwise may not reach.

Having someone there to spot you as well as monitor your form helps you prevent injury, while at the same time, can offer that extra push when you need it.

If you are at all competitive and are working out with someone of equal or greater strength, watch how having them there helps you push your limits.

This said, you need to know how to choose a workout partner properly.  Choose wrong and it could actually just bring you down, meaning less progress.

Let’s go over the main things that you should consider when selecting your workout partner.

Their Skill Level

The first thing to think about is their skill level. If you’ve been exercising for years, it wouldn’t be a good idea to match up with someone who is at a very beginner level, unless you are looking to take someone under your wing and teach them the basics.

Sometimes you may choose to do so, but note that the benefits to you will be negligible.

If you want to reap the best results from having this workout partner, you’ll want to train with someone who is at the same level or higher.

As just noted, this helps keep you working as hard as possible, pushing yourself every step of the way.

It’s also a good idea to ensure they have a good level of fitness knowledge as well – comparable to what you have.

If they don’t, this too can present a problem and may mean you struggle when doing more advanced workout concepts.

Their Commitment

The next thing to assess when looking for a workout partner is their level of commitment.

Are they the type to hit the gym, rain or shine, every single day they have planned?

Or are they a little more relaxed with their schedule, skipping the gym when something comes up into their day?

While there’s nothing wrong if they are a little more relaxed, if that is the case, it’s best that both of you are like this.

If it’s only them, you are going to find yourself very disappointed by this relationship.

Workout Partner

Having a buddy join you with any exercise can help with motivation

If you are a highly motivated individual, find someone that you can count on.

The good news is that if you are highly motivated yourself and your partner does let you down, at least it won’t mean that you skip over the gym entirely.

Their Time Availability

Next up, also consider their time availability.  Are they able to workout at a time that’s convenient for you?

It’s essential that your schedules match up as best as possible.

If one of you likes working out in the evening and the other is a morning bird, one of you is always going to be going against your natural tendency.

While it’s great if this person is a close friend and someone you enjoy working out with, if they can hardly ever make your sessions, it’s not going to do you much good.

Be sure to discuss this before starting to workout together or you’ll only be in for problems down the road.

Their Workout Preference

The next factor to consider is their workout preference. Are they into lifting in the same style you are?

For instance, are they focusing on strength gains, lifting as heavy as they can? Or, are they more focused on another goal?

Having similar goals as well as strength levels can really help out, especially when it’s a weight lifting partner you’re looking for.

If you are much stronger than them for example and are doing bench together, each time you alternate for sets, you are going to have to unrack or re-rack the weight.

This can get to be very time consuming, not to mention tiring after a while, which can lead to much frustration.

When you are both around the same strength level, you avoid this entirely.

So keep these quick tips in mind as you try and find yourself a workout partner.

Having a partner will definitely offer many great benefits and probably help you enjoy your workouts more, provided they are chosen correctly.

Don’t be afraid to say no to someone who’s asking you to be their workout partner if you don’t feel it’s a good fit.  Your success may very well depend on it.