The 3 Common Mistakes People Make With The Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet Mistakes

‘Paleo’ doesn’t always mean it’s ideal for you to eat on the paleo diet

Thinking of going paleo?

The paleo diet plan is one of the hottest approaches right now and when followed properly, it can yield excellent results.

That said, many people make 3 common mistakes that can cost them from seeing the results they’re aiming for on this diet.

Let’s go over the biggest mistakes made when using the paleo approach so that you can ensure you get the results you’re looking for…

1.    Thinking Anything Listed As ‘Paleo’ Is Diet-Friendly

The first mistake sometimes made is getting into the mindset that if any food is marketed as ‘paleo friendly’, this must mean it’s perfectly fine for you to eat.

Watch out with this one and don’t let better sense cloud your judgement.

In some cases, a food may be considered to be paleo, but if weight loss is your goal, you’ll need to avoid it all all costs.

For those seeking fat loss, calories still matter.

As the paleo diet is very rich in dietary fat, it’s not abnormal to see some recipes tallying up 500-600 calories.

If you are very active throughout the day, this may be fine. However, if you are hoping to burn fat, that’ll quickly put you over your daily calorie quota.

Seek out lower calorie meals just as you would on any other diet while following the paleo approach.

2.    Not Paying Attention To Your Fat Intake

The next mistake sometimes made is failing to pay attention to fat intake itself.

Paleo Diet Tips

Consuming too much of one food can put your over your ideal calorie intake for the day

Some people make the transition to the paleo approach and focus strictly on eating plenty of leafy greens and lean proteins.  They figure this is the best strategy for fat loss.

And for about one week, it is. After that week however, your body will get hungry – ravenous even.

You can’t drop your carb and fat intake completely out of the picture for more than a few days. Do this and your body isn’t getting any fuel at all.

Remember, as you cut those carbs found in most conventional diet plans out while switching to paleo, you need to increase your intake of healthy fats.

At the same time, as just noted above, don’t increase healthy fats too far or you’ll run into problems as well.  Balance is key.

Monitor both your fat and calorie intake and be sure it’s on track with your weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

3.    Not Including Enough Variety

Finally, the last mistake you’ll want to ensure you don’t make while going paleo is limiting yourself to just a handful of foods.

The paleo diet itself is a relatively restrictive one as it does cut out a number of entire food groups (such as grains and dairy for instance).

This means that to get proper nutrition, you need to ensure you eat plenty of options from the food groups you are permitted to eat.

Aim to eat 5-10 different fruits and vegetables each week and seek out an assortment of different lean protein sources.

Likewise, don’t just rely on coconut oil (a commonly used fat in the paleo approach).

While it’s definitely a healthy choice, include avocado’s, olive oil, and a small amount of nuts as permitted as well.

This will help you see the best overall health benefits from using this approach as you also control your body weight.

So keep these mistakes in mind as you move to the paleo diet plan.

If you stick with the plan properly and push through the first few weeks that some people may find rather challenging, you’ll soon see what this diet has to offer.