Packed With Protein And Quick To Serve

Eggs Benefits

Eggs are packed with protein and other beneficial nutrients

Looking to improve your nutritional intake? If so, protein is one area that you’re likely focusing on.

If you hope to see optimal results with any goal, regardless of whether it’s to burn fat faster, improve your strength, or just enhance your overall health, getting enough protein in is a must for success.

This said, one excellent protein source that’s far too often overlooked is eggs.

Many people have come to believe that eggs are too high in cholesterol to be eaten regularly.  This, however, isn’t the case.

As long as you have no pre-existing health problems, you can certainly include one or two eggs into your daily diet.

Let’s go over some of the key reasons why eggs are such a fantastic source of protein and why you should be focusing on them.

They’re Fast And Easy To Prepare

The first reason to serve up some eggs for your morning meal is because they’re fast and easy to prepare.

With many different ways to prepare eggs, you’ll never run the risk of being bored.

Plus, most methods take less than five to ten minutes to make, which is great for those busy mornings when you need something on the go.

Eggs, when hard-boiled, can also be a great on-the-go snack that you take with you to work or wherever your day happens to bring you.

They’re Very Cost Effective

Another reason to start including eggs into your diet plan more often is because they’re cost effective.

When you work out the cost per serving, you’ll come to find that eggs are one of the cheapest sources of protein that money can buy.

This makes them ideal for those working to a food budget.

Even if you are using primarily egg whites, tossing the yolks, you’ll still find that even then the egg whites alone are comparable in cost to other cheap protein sources.

They Provide Natural Saturated Fat

The next great benefit about eggs is that they provide a healthy amount of natural saturated fat.

Benefits of Eggs

Add eggs to round out your balanced diet plan

Now, many people often believe that saturated fat should be avoided at all costs. But, this isn’t true.

Some saturated fat is required to ensure that you are manufacturing the proper level of sex hormones in the body and to help keep your system running smoothly.

The problem is where we tend to get most of our saturated fat.

If you are taking it in from deep fried foods, you are not getting high quality saturated fat as you are taking in trans fats along with, most often, a high level of sodium. Plus, the food themselves lack vitamins and minerals.

Instead, you want to focus on getting your saturated fat in from completely natural sources.  Eggs are a perfect example.

They’re Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

Speaking of being so nutrient dense, this brings us to the next point about eggs – they are chocked full of vitamins and minerals.

Eggs contain a number of important nutrients that your body needs on a day to day basis. They’re rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, folate, iron, zinc, as well as choline.

All in all, this makes them an ideal choice for any meal of the day.  At around 70-80 calories per egg depending on the size, they can easily fit in with just about any diet plan.

So don’t overlook eggs any longer and don’t always chuck the yolk when you do eat eggs.

They are an important all-natural food that will provide your body with a wealth of nutrition and should be included on any smart meal plan.