Benefits Of The Squat Exercise For Beginners

Squat Exercise Benefits

Compound movements like squats are excellent for all fitness levels.

If you’re gearing up to get started with your first exercise program, there’s one thing that you absolutely must do as you get started.

That thing?  Learning how to squat properly.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why learning how to squat is so critical to your overall success.

Squats Work Are An Excellent Multi-Muscle Move

The first reason squats are so powerful is because they work so many different muscle groups in the body at once.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another exercise that hits the body like the squat does, so you’ll get a high amount of ‘bang for your buck’ by including them.

Squats will work the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, lower back, and core, while also working the upper body to some extent as it balances the barbell across your back.

With all of these muscles being worked, this means noticeable results will be seen quickly.

Squats Improve Strength And Power

Another reason to perform squats is because they’ll boost your overall strength and power level.

You’ll be able to lift a maximum amount of weight with this exercise, which conditions your entire body.

Depending on the tempo (speed in which the exercise is performed) used during the squat, you can really focus on maximum power generation. For anyone who participates in any sort of sporting activity, this is highly beneficial.

Squats Burn Fat Rapidly

Want to see rapid fat loss results? If so, squats should once again be your go-to move.

Because of the fact they work so many large muscle groups at once, they will burn a high number of calories while you perform them, as well as burning a high number of calories after the workout session is over as well.

Few moves will boost your resting metabolic rate like squats will, which is why they are must-have in any fat burning workout program.

A set of squats will also get your heart rate up considerably, giving you great cardiovascular boosting benefits as well.

If you aren’t a fan of doing traditional cardio, if you have squats in your workout routine regularly, you may just be able to side-step it.

Just do keep in mind that because squats are so intense on the body, you are never to perform them daily.

At most, you can do them every other day, with most people finding they recover best when doing them twice per week.

Squats Improve Agility And Balance

Finally, the last reason to include squats in your overall workout set-up is because they’ll also improve agility and balance as well.

Provided you are doing free bar squats, not smith machine squats (which directs your movement pattern), you’ll need to be recruiting all your core muscles to keep the body balanced and stabilized.

This will offer excellent transfer over benefits to other exercises and activities that you might perform.

So there you have the primary reasons why it’s essential to add squats to your workout program.

By learning how to do these as a beginner, you’ll develop great form habits and get into the groove of including them regularly in your approach.

Take note that the only individuals who may want to reconsider the inclusion of squats are those who suffer from a high degree of knee or lower back pain or those who are very inflexible.

In this case, a leg press may be a better option as it’ll help keep the body supported and increase your ability to execute the movement pattern.

If it is flexibly stopping you, focus on plenty of stretching activities so that eventually you can start including the squat in your workout routine.