Why You Should Avoid The So Called ‘Vitamin’ Water Drinks

You know by now that staying adequately hydrated throughout the day is critical to your overall health.

Sugar in Vitamin Drinks

Avoid ‘sugar’ water drinks at all costs and preserve your health

And therefore, you make sure to drink your 8-10 glasses of water each and every day.

This is great – but, within two weeks you’re bored.

That water just isn’t something you find palatable any longer and all you want to do is drink a soft drink.

Thinking that you are doing your body good, you decide to go for some of that vitamin infused flavoured water instead.

It’s water, therefore it’s much healthier than soft drink and since it contains added vitamins, it’s actually doing you even more good than water on its own.



Let’s look at why this is and why you will want to think twice before drinking any vitamin infused water.

Let’s Talk Sugar

So the primary reason you are avoiding soft drink is because you know it has loads of sugar and sugar is just not healthy in any way.

But, check out the label on that vitamin water you’re drinking.

Chances are good it contains just as much sugar, if not more than your average bottle of soft drink.

What’s worse is that because you think that it’s a healthy option, you might find yourself drinking more of it than you would soft drink, thus taking in more total sugar in the process.

When you consume sugar in beverage format like this, you typically will not decrease how much food you take in because of it, so these calories now just get added into your overall diet plan.

That means that you can expect to see an increased daily intake, most often leading to weight gain.

If the vitamin water doesn’t contain sugar, there’s a good chance that it contains sugar alcohols, which may not contain calories but can cause serious digestive upset in terms of diarrhea and bloating for many people.

In both cases then, this will be far less than desirable. It’s best to avoid them at all costs.

The Nutritional Element

Fruit and Vegetables

Daily servings of fruit and veges rich in water keep you hydrated

Which now brings us to the nutritional element.

Here, you may think that you are getting great nutrition by having this water but most of the nutrients you are taking in you will already be getting from your regular diet plan provided you eat a variety of foods.

Most of the vitamins found in this water are those that tend to be easy to consume in abundance, rather than the harder-to-consume minerals such as iron and zinc.

As such, you are now just overdosing on those vitamins.

Often this won’t be especially harmful, but since they are usually water soluble vitamins, you’ll just be passing them right through the body.
So at the end of the day, you are paying a very high price for something you won’t even use.

True the water does have that flavour added that can make it more palatable, but you can just as easily add a hint of flavour to your water by adding some fresh fruit in a water jug and letting it sit for a few hours.

So all in all, give a second thought to that vitamin water.

Even if it didn’t contain sugar or sugar alcohols, it’s always better to try and get your nutrients from whole foods only, so that should be your primary focus when going about your diet plan.