Personal Trainer Workout Routines

Personal Trainer workout routines if you’re a PT looking for workouts for client session plans, whether you’re a beginner or expert seeking training ideas or templates.

Keep your valuable PT clients coming back for more by delivering fresh, new and interesting workout routines and exercise sessions that challenge them, help them get results and achieve their health goals.

No apps to download, simply search below by body part, muscle or muscle group to find the best exercises for clients to target their problem areas, burn fat and build lean muscle.

Free Workout Routines

Search our exercise database below of 523 free exercise video demonstrations for Personal Trainers to use for training clients and creating client workout plans.

Find short exercises videos showing correct form and technique for just about any exercises you can think of!

Search by specific exercises or by body part to create a session plan to help get your clients the results they’re looking for.